Creating a relaxing space in your garden

Life’s chaos can leave us exhausted, craving simplicity and a break. With simple measures, you could create the perfect garden oasis to get away to when you need a breath of fresh air and to unwind.

The key to creating a relaxing space is to keep it simple, and simple can mean one of two things. The first is that you keep your garden clean cut and uncluttered, working towards a contemporary style, the other is to plant things that require little maintenance but still look beautiful.

We recommend choosing a sheltered part of your garden to give you maximum privacy for your seating area, and shelter from the wind. To maximise the warmth of the area consider painting the surrounding walls or fences white, as white surfaces reflect heat and light.

A budgeted way of enclosing the space is to put in posts or wire netting. Another way which we personally suggest is to put up a trellis. Trellis’ are a great way to add luxury to your garden as not only do they act as a divider of space, they can be the support system for climbers to grow.

If you’re not a fan of growing real grass, or just don’t have the right conditions for it, artificial grass could be the perfect way to keep your garden looking green without having to worry about keeping it watered and fed.

We recommend growing Honey Suckle on your trellis to add a dash of colour and introduce a beautiful relaxing scent to your spa. Other plants that will add to the ambience of your spa garden are jasmine, lavender and roses. Style your seating area up for the night by adding lights to the surrounding trellis, and candles to your table, to create a cosy evening glow.

Another way to bring ambience to your garden is to invest in garden heating. Heat lamps and controlled fire pits or poles are the modern way of bringing immediate heat to your patio, if you have a young family we would recommend the safer option of the fire-free patio heater.

Patio areas can sometimes seem like eyesores, especially if they have sharp corners or cracked surfaces. There are plenty of ways to cover it up, whether you use a layer of spare wood or some hybrid outdoor grass from companies like Fylde Grass. There are plenty of ways to cover up damaged flagstones and slabs, and it’s very easy to make it naturally blend in with the rest of your garden.

Why not incorporate a summerhouse into your garden, or convert an old tool shed to create a mini-retreat from the home? Simply line the interior for insulation, add accessories such as curtains, before adding cushioned seating. If electricity is available you could place a small fridge or juicing machine inside to create your own mini bar or juice bar.



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