10 Important Tips to Care for Hot Tubs

Spas and hot tubs require regular maintenance and care so that it remains clean and free from bacteria. The temperature of spas and hot tubs are susceptible to the growth of bacteria and so regular maintenance is pertinent. With regular usage, natural body oils, deodorants, residual soap, hair, perspiration and other unwanted contaminants are released into the water. There are different ways to maintain hot tubs and fiberglass spas quite easily.



Hot Tub Care Guide

Quality of water: One of the most important aspects of maintaining hot tub is to ensure the quality of water. Spa water should be checked twice in a week all round the year. Spa water should be balanced and sanitized appropriately. There are basically two types of water Sanitizers which are used in spas and hot tubs which include chlorine and bromine. Although both these Sanitizers can be used for effective sanitation, chlorine releases strong odor and it breaks down quickly in high temperatures. Bromine, on the other hand, is considerably less odorless and seldom causes skin irritations.

The temperature of the spa: The temperature of the spa is another important factor to consider before using it. Most of the modern spas include Eco mode features which can be used to increase the temperature of the water to a comfortable level. This feature can be utilized to save energy.

Maintenance of chemical balance: Most spa owners use chemical test strips to check the chemical levels in the spa water. Spas can be well maintained if the PH level and chlorine levels are balanced.

Change the water: Spa water needs to be drained completely and refilled again once in three or four months depending on usage.


Spa covers: Another important aspect of maintaining spas and hot tubs is using the right spa cover. These covers must fit tightly over the hot tubs so as to prevent heat from escaping. Good insulating covers can help to reduce electric bills to a large extent.

Condition hot tub covers: Spa covers must be conditioned once in a month so as to prolong its life. Regular conditioning will help to prevent cracking and hardening of these covers.

Use of hot tub chemicals: While using hot tub chemicals, the right alphabetic order should be followed. The alkaline levels need to be adjusted first which should be followed by the use of bromine or chlorine sanitizer. The water should also be checked for calcium hardness and finally the pH level.

Maximize the effect of chemicals: Hot tub chemicals must be added one at a time and different chemicals should be added within a time gap of two hours for optimum effectiveness.

Saturation index: Spa water can be evaluated by calculating the saturation index.

Quality hot tub chemicals: It is also essential to buy high quality spa chemicals for best results. It is quite easy to maintain spas and hot tubs with the right information. A free spa maintenance eBook can be downloaded from reputed websites too.


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