Lovely Single Family Residence “Floating” above the Ground

Located at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain near Sofia, Bulgaria, this 310 sq.m modern house is a residential project designed and projected by Bulgarian architectural company 4DA Ltd, one of the nominated works  by the Bulgarian Architects’ Association to compete for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award 2011. The briefing was to build a single family house fully exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight from each and direction, with a mixture of independent renewable energy sources and backup systems, that also have to take advantage of the spectacular vista towards the city.


The project meets both the the residential and recreational owner’s specific needs. Its addresses all the required features, being a welcoming home that opens up to the wonderful views of the surrounding area. Its area is 2780 sq.m and the location is amazing considering, besides the natural landscape, the mountain climate with cooler summer, snowier winters and fresh air all year round. Given the constraints of the existing steep slope of the terrain, the residence is designed to “float” above the ground and the main entrance is made as a bridge and finds on the upper of two levels. At this level are also situated the main rooms of the house (the living room with a separate kitchen and three bedrooms), designed in such a way that an atrium is formed in the middle of it allowing the sunlight into the premises more effectively.

Partially beneath the upper floor, the ground floor includes a service room along with a small SPA equipped with a counter-current swimming pool. Green design concepts were integrated, including floor to ceiling windows for natural light and ventilation, solar panels installed on the south slope of the roof for optimal sun exposure and a sewerage system that runs through custom designed waste management station equipped with holding tanks so the purified water can be used for irrigation.

The interiors features stylish contemporary furniture and neutral color palette that give the entire layout of the house a clean and elegant look. Floor to ceiling windows that partially replace the use of common walls are everywhere allowing the sun to flood each room with warmth and offering a maximum connectivity with the environment. The views captured are splendid, inviting to calm and relaxation. Here are some pictures with the project.











Photos © Valentina Petrova


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