10 of the Hottest Autumn / Winter Interior Design Trends

New Season. New Home Decor.

As the temperature drops, get your home sizzling by following the latest autumn / winter interior design trends.

From plush fabrics to glittering hues, these super hot design trends for A/W will have your home officially winter-fied.

Take inspiration from these top 10 autumn / winter interior design trends:


Throw out the rule book when it comes to picking colour schemes for your home.

Below are some popular autumn/winter homes colours for 2017/18:

  • Metallics:

Metallics are EVERYWHERE this season – from makeup, to fashion and now it’s migrated into the home as interior design trends 2017. Choose colors such as bronze, silver and gold and use these as finishing touches to your rooms.

  • Green

Go gaga for green this season. Think bold, rich hues such as emerald and shades of jade.These darker, richer shades add a touch of decadence and earthiness to your home.

  • Bright & Bold

Add a pop of colour into your winter home by combining and contrasting bright and bolds shades.Try bright pink in the kitchen interior with black and white tiled floors. Or canary yellow in the living room paired with grey.

Mix ‘n’ Match

Don’t be afraid to mix ‘n’ match your colours and designs. It offers a fresh and funky vibe to your home. Flooring is a simple way to achieve this retro style.

A patterned rug using carpet tiles makes for a great standout feature in the living room. Customise it by combining colours such as red carpet tiles with beige carpet tiles.

Typically known for its commercial use, there a number of reasons why you should choose carpet tiles for flooring in the home.

While, mosaic tiles look stunning for the kitchen interior. Contrast the floor tiles to the wall tiles for a bold and striking look. Black and white are timeless colours that would work well here.

Cosy Knits

Get wrapped up this season with these cute and cosy knit inspired winter design trends.

From fleece sofa throws to knitted pouffes and hanging wall rugs. While in the kitchen, knitted homeware is making a comeback. Think colourful tea cosies and cotton tableware.

Fire Fire

A warm, cosy fireplace flickering in a dimly-lit living room is the ultimate poster boy (or should that be Christmas card) for homely, winter decor.

And the best part is, you don’t have to have an actual log burner to get in on this trend. There are plenty of electrical fireplaces to keep you warm and your home looking hot!

Nowadays, fireplaces come in a multitude of styles a designs – from traditional and wooden to modern and metal.


As the days get darker, illuminating your home has never been more paramount (or stunning).

Like an eternal flame, the winter lighting options for your home are endless.

From hanging paper lanterns in the hallway to traditional candlesticks in the dining room. For a modern vibe, add spotlights to your kitchen and in your bathroom.

And fairy lights draped around the bedroom offer a snug haven for cosy nights in.

For exterior lighting, an old Dickensian style lamppost creates a traditional, christmassy atmosphere (sadly it doesn’t guarantee snow)!


Vintage home decor has always been popular, and this is one autumn / winter interior design trend that shows no signs of slowing down!

Whichever historical period you’re into, there are plenty of ways to recreate the past in the present.  

Turn your home study into a cosy and traditional 19th-century style library by incorporating grand, wooden bookshelves, plush rugs and a old-style arm chair.

If glitz and glam is more your (swing) style, go Gatsby with a 1920’s inspired room.

Think golden furnishings, glittering chandeliers, cute dressing rooms and oversized, sparkling mirrors. Balance out the opulence with the addition of a lush tufted fainting sofa. It adds a touch of  elegance and color to your home.

And if you still want to retain a modern vibe, try quirky, retro home accessories. From Pop Art graphics in the kitchen to retro upholstered chairs in the living room.

Velvet Fever

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials this season. Velvet is one of the hottest winter design trends right now.

It may be getting colder, but the trend for velvet in the home this Winter is hot. Long, draping crushed velvet curtains make a bold statement in the home. While a plush velvet sofa offers luxury as well as comfort. This beautiful fabric is available in a range of stunning colours – velvet home decor offers the utmost decadence and lavishness.


Take a leaf out of our Scandinavian cousins’ book and transform your home into a cosy, nordic winter wonderland.

Nordic and scandi decor and home accessories are perfect for Autumn and Winter. The trick is to keep it simple. Some easy ways to add elements of scandi design to your home include: having a feature wall using nordic patterned wallpaper, using handwoven laundry baskets, draping sheepskin blankets over the sofas and putting wooden chairs in the living room.

Outside is the New Inside

No one wants to spend large amounts of time outside in the cold – so why not bring the outdoors into your home?

Botanical themed rooms are all the rage. Pop some beautiful artificial flowers in a vase and place them in each room. Spruce up your bathroom with an array of cacti or a cute bonsai tree. These are simple tricks to brighten up your home on those dreary winter days.

Prefer the real thing? The best houseplants for winter include Cymbidium Orchid, Primulas and Jasmine. (Just remember, you’ll have to put in some time and effort to care for these winter plants).

Fancy upgrading your kitchen this winter? Kitchens with exposed brick walls offer a trendy and timeless alternative. Exposed brick kitchens create a rustic and cosy atmosphere and offer a stunning background that will highlight the other features of the room. Think industrialism meets chic – brick walls in the room are what your kitchen dreams were made of!

Handmade Happiness

Channel Grandma’s living room and get creative by hand-making your own furnishings.

Think hand-sewn cushion covers, knitted throws and family paintings. Handmade home decor is really popular now and a creates an authentic homely vibe. You can find plenty of ideas and tutorials online. Perfect for craft lovers, and you can get the kids involved too! They’ll love decorating a plain vase or drawing a family portrait which can be hung on the wall.

Not got crafty fingers? Don’t worry, there are plenty of stores that sell beautiful, handmade items. That just leaves you to take the credit (Shh, Mum’s the word)!

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