Why You Should Buy an Electric Blanket This Winter

In life, there is probably nothing worse than climbing into a cold bed after a hard day’s work. Especially in the winter months, when everything seems to be cold, the one place you desire warmth is in the comfort of your own bed.

There are other products on the market, which look to keep your bed warm; but as this article sets out – none compare to the superiority of an electric blanket.

Easy to Use

An electric blanket is quite simply easy to use; it requires minimal effort to set up, and easily achieves the desired temperature quickly and efficiently. It can be quickly placed directly on top of your mattress protector and sheet, for a single use night; or placed underneath your mattress protector throughout the winter months to be used as and when required.

You may believe that hot water bottles or microwavable hot packs are just as easy and simple to use, but will you be thinking that when you’ve got to tip-toe downstairs, in the dark, just to put the kettle or microwave? Then having to wait for it to gather heat, before running back upstairs into your cold bed, hoping it will soon warm up.


Unlike their counterparts, electric blankets allow you to easily set the desired temperature and maintain it throughout the night. Hot water bottles and microwavable hot packs rely on heat which dwindle with time, meaning people tend to heat them up too much in anticipation for the temperature to drop to the desired one. The problem with this, is it takes time to reach the optimal temperature and quickly drops below – leaving your bed lukewarm.


Despite the fact that electric blankets have electricity running through them; ones from reputable suppliers are extremely safe. Look out for suppliers who offer a 2-3 year warranty, as this ensures it is a quality product. Products without this guarantee could well be fine, but for an electronic item which will be placed underneath you all night, it only seems sensible to buy a quality version.

Whilst hot water bottles and microwavable hot packs are relatively safe, the chance of one splitting or having a loose lid is enough to consider a heating product which doesn’t involve boiling water or hot beads! A leaking hot water bottle, if left all night, could easily ruin you mattress – resulting in an additional purchase of a new mattress.

Value for Money

Whilst hot water bottles and microwavable hot packs can be purchased for as little as £3.00 (depending on their quality), the benefits and lifespan of an electric blanket make them great value for money. Retailing between £20-£30, electric blankets are durable, easy to use and highly convenient – making them the obvious choice for the savvy shopper!


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