10 pampering accessories every bathroom needs

Whether you want to indulge in a weekly pampering session, or you’re always on the go and want to make every second of luxury count, here are just 10 items to keep in your bathroom that will make every pit-stop feel like you’re staying in a top-flight hotel.

  1. Bath bombs and crystals

These pampering essentials are a must-have for people who love to soak away their worries. Bath bombs will fizz and pop in the water as every colour of the rainbow, every scent you can imagine, and even glitter explode out of it. If you want the scent without the fuss though, opt for crystals.

  1. Body scrubs

Used to exfoliate the skin, take away dead cells and leave you feeling silky-smooth to the touch, body scrubs come in all shapes and smells. You can even make your own at home if you’d like to keep things organic.

  1. Spa oils

After you’ve gotten out of the tub and you want to lock in the moisture, opt for an all-over body oil, and a separate facial oil for more delicate skin. It will help keep the skin supple, and aid repair over night.

  1. Candles

Whether it’s the scent you love or the soft mood lighting of these around the bath, candles can help you to relax all of your senses after even the most stressful day. During the winter season, choose the smell of festive wreaths or Christmas cookies to send you off to sleep, while beach scents are ideal for summer.

  1. Reed diffusers

If you’d like to drift off to sleep knowing you won’t burn down your bathroom, you can always get the scent without the candle itself in the form of a reed diffuser.

  1. Reading material

Having a collection of magazines or books close by will entice you to make the most of your time in the bathroom. It’s also ideal for forcing yourself to put down the smartphone and give your eyes a rest from a screen.

  1. Matching towels

No hotel suite would be complete without some plush, matching towels. Pick some up that complement the décor, and remember to check the thickness which is a good indication of quality. You can also pick up some stylish heated towel rails (such as here) so that you’re always toasty.

  1. A vanity mirror

For those of you who have the space for a seating area in your bathroom, turn it into your own mini dressing table by adding a vanity mirror. Applying make-up has never been such a treat.

  1. Manicure kit

Always keep a compact manicure kit nearby for a quick pampering top-up; crystal nail files give a much cleaner finish and last many years longer than regular ones.

  1. Luxury soaps

You don’t have to spend a couple of hours in your bathroom to enjoy a pampering session; keep matching sets of luxury hand soaps, lotions and moisturisers by the sink, for every guest to enjoy.

What are your pampering essentials?


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