Designing The Perfect house

We spend more time in our homes than in any other spaces. Our home ideally offers a safe, relaxed environment in which to relax, communicate, be entertained or learn.

We all want to live in our dream house, making sure we have the space to enjoy our lifestyle and feel like home. The perfect house is designed for our needs that we have at the different stages of our lives. The smartest design is flexible enough to be adapted over the years when we are designing our house to fits our particular life stages but also our house has to be built well and to require minimal intervention over time. Any subsequent intervention of building in need of repairing something done badly means a loss of money and extra stress.

The Reserve Residences is a brand new concept design by Far East Organization that is located at Beauty World MRT Station. This concept tender features brand new modern designs for the cosmopolitan individual that includes smart home features by Far East as well as green features including solar panels to cater to the sustainability of the environment around Bukit Timah. The Reserve Residences is the first concept tender by URA to include these unique design features for the perfect house.

There are various techniques if we want to create the perfect house for our family, and some have become de rigueur in recent years.

Building a new house is always one of the biggest projects of our lifetime, which is why we need to be sure we select the right house plan for our needs, lifestyle, and budget.
While there is plenty of help and advice found on the self-build portal, future owners must take into account many aspects such as:

Future owners must take into account many aspects such as:

  • Design – the most important criterion in choosing a design firm should be a portfolio. The correct design of a house in terms of functional and cost optimization starts with the plan.
  • The team of builders. The selection of well-prepared construction companies that does not increase costs by requiring repairing errors or using quality materials is essential.
  • The resistance structure. Getting to facing with structural defects is not only costly but also stressful. That’s why structural defects insurance helps to protect a house-building project from unsuspecting problems. A structural defects insurance is very important because the structural defects in a new house can take time to become apparent. For more information and for expert advice in construction insurance go to CRL website and find out all about it.
  • Installations. Choosing quality materials for installations is also important because they remain hidden and are difficult to be repaired later.
  • The finishes. Choosing of adhesives and quality polishing plaster coats it is also an important aspect to keep in mind.
  • The construction area it is also among the most important aspects to consider when building a house. The landscape matters a lot and building your house on a hill has a different requirements and design challenges than building on a flat ground.

Designing your house can be a wonderful milestone in your life, so take your time to ensure the house plans reflect the home of your dreams. Identify your needs, wants and limitations and work with professionals to design the house that fits your lifestyle. Taking into account the aforementioned tips can take you from the very first stage of organizing your thoughts to the final stage of realizing your dream home.

Don’t forget to consider your very own pool!


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