When you get into the new home, the expectations of starting a new life in a new field can fill the family that wants to settle with impatience. However, after helping hundreds of clients settle into a new home, we can tell you that these are the 10 tips for a move that will make you avoid later headaches.


When you move from home always use a moving company, In Canada Hudson Movers are one of the oldest and best-moving services. You should arrive before the moving company. That way you make sure you have already inspected the house, the services available, the best access to unload the moving truck, etc. Take the opportunity to inspect the house and look for water leaks or openings that do not close well. An easy way to check if there is a broken pipe is to close all the taps, make a first reading of the water meter. There should not be variations. Locate the fuse box and verify or label which circuit corresponds to each key, you may need it in case of emergency.



There are people who leave the house very clean, but others do not. In any case, it is likely that you want to clean it to feel more secure. You can commission the real estate company to get you a cleaning service.

The kitchen is the best place to start, not only because when people change their homes, they usually leave things there because there are usually unpleasant smells. It is the place that you will spend the most time with your family: better that it be a comfortable and pleasant space. Clean the refrigerator by removing all accessories and using anti-grease products. You may also need to clean the oven with a special cold or hot product. Check shelves and kitchen cabinets to make sure there are no insects and are impeccable to store supplies.



Change the locks on all exterior doors to make sure you and your family are the only people who have access to your new home. Install smoke detectors in each room. Place a fire extinguisher on each floor. Buy a first aid kit. Consider installing an anti-theft alarm or a security monitoring service. Ask the neighbors if they have or if the thefts are frequent.

If there are babies or young children in the family, identify the possible dangers such as steep steps, visible outlets, dangerous cupboards or doors that are very easy to open. Install the necessary protectors or block those accesses.



If you have a short time before the removal truck arrives, do not paint the walls. Not only because the smell can be toxic or bother for several days but because when your things are installed you will have a better perception of what colors should be used. Wait to have a global view of your home before embarking on decorating jobs.


When the moving truck arrives, you will surely have followed our advice and labeled all the boxes, including personal hygiene items and clothing. Unpack only what you need that day. Leave the rest for tomorrow, nobody requires you to install immediately. As it took time to pack the home you left behind, you also need some time to settle into the new one. Find only the things you need for the next hours: personal hygiene, change of clothes, sheets, and towels.