12 Creative Minimalist Bookshelf Designs

When it comes to how we display our books, bookshelves always draws attention due to designers and architects’ inventiveness for the past few years. For today we decided to show you that modern bookshleves with minimalistic design have a lot more to offer than simply store your books. This is why I gathered 12 incredible creative bookshelves that are inspiring and could radically transform your living room. All the bookcases in the photos below feature vivid colors, simplified forms, no details and different geometric shapes which highlights also functionality and good taste.  The meanings that wanted to be transmitted through ingeniously combinations of functions are particularly interesting to observe. I invite you to have a look at this gallery and let me know what detail you find interesting.

1. P-bookshelf by Yar Rassadin

2. Babel bookshelf by Mario Mazzer

 3. Pulseline bookshelf by Salomonsen

4. Cardboard bookshelves by Eric Guiomar



5. Tangram bookshelf by Daniele Lago


6. Mikado bookshelf by Jean-François Bellemère


7.  Circular Bookshelf by Zhdanova Irina

 8. “Roys” Modular Bookshelf and Room dividers by Permafrost and Katharina Styren




9. Lili Lite by Studio Smeets Design



10. Round bookshelf by Je Sung Park


11. Elasti bookshelf by Arianna Vivenzio


12. Insert Coin Shelf  System by Nils Holger Moormann


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