Perfect Backdrop For Paintings and Photos

White walls are the perfect backdrop for various paintings and photographs, and windows framed by delicate white curtains become perspective that add color.  Small accessories must always be chosen in terms of texture and chromatic, especially when you want to combine objects with totally different design. For example, furniture legs, armchairs, furniture, lamp rods, picture frames and photo gallery curtains, decorative objects are here all chrome. As you can successfully combine classic accessories with functional and comfortable pieces of furniture, the easiest is to think of a neutral color for all objects and finishes. Delicate shades of white are perfect for contemporary planning, urban. So, on a uniform background color, modern sofa, a library embedded in the wall will not be in contradiction with a majestic chandelier, classic photo frames and pillows adorned with laborious prints.

Place everything on a dark floor with the same finish and model to mark the separation between planes and you’ll get the desired ambient without taking into account carpets.

Note: all photos are linked to their source.


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