12 Great Ideas to Decorate Your Bare Walls

When decorating our homes, bare walls are maybe the first which draw attention and we want to fill up this space with something amazing that show our creativity and imagination. Beautiful walls displaying artful arrangements not only make for a great conversation piece, but also  will compliment the rest of the interior décor to create  appealing living spaces. Most of the time, we just simply paint them with a certain color or hand a framed artwork, but in fact there are thousands creative ideas to make the wall dynamic and interesting.


Photo © blackLAB architects inc.

Thinking outside the box and incorporate common elements in an original way is the key to make a big difference. Imagine that bare walls are like empty canvas, where you’re free to do what you want on them as long as it’s something stylish and fits with the room’s design. Suspended shelf spaces, pieces of artwork, photography instalations, shaped mirrors, mosaic-like art wallpapers, oversized prints or any other item could be subject to decorate your walls and add visual interest.

For example, it’s very popular nowadays to display more than one framed photo on your wall, and an attractive form of personalised wall art can be hanging a grid of your favourite family portraits, significant moments in our life, beautiful landscapes, or anthing you like. It’s a great way to make a big statement while still keeping the focus on the individual pictures. A fashionable combination of colors combined with unique  representations can serve as the perfect focal point in any bedroom. Even chaotic graffiti can be lovely and artistic if there is meaning behind it.

Vinyl records and album covers are also a trendy and authentic way to embellish your wall, giving our room an interesting vintage touch. Another idea can be a mosaic-like art piece showed in the first photo, which is made entirely of paint and applied with a roller brush. Just choose a favourite pattern, printed it out on a piece of paper, cut strips of tape according to the pattern, paint the wall, and then peel off the tape once the paint had dried and that’s it, you have an eye-catching wall design that turns your kitchen into a beautiful space where functionality meets great aesthetics. Take time to look at our 11 clever design ways of decorating plain, blank walls.


Photo © Michelle Salz-Smith; Studio Surface


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Photo © Erica George Dines

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