African House Rugs Collection by Nanimarquina

African House is a great collection of three fabulous rug models created by Barcelona-based designer Nani Marquina, who succeeds each time to translate the tradition into award-winning carpet designs. Respecting the tradition, Nanimarquina‘s rugs means innovative shapes and textures, that comes from traditional carpet-making techniques and eco-friendly materials. Seeking to evoke emotion, her amazing rug collections are made manually from natural textiles in order to offer a charming comfortable and warm experience to your living areas, as well as adding character and a touch of fashion.

Generating style and enhancing the beauty of your home decor, the African House collection we show you in this post displays a creative artistic design that captures the essence of African homes, expressing austerity and nobility.  Exotic exterior motifs that represents the cultural symbology of the South African Besotho tribe are reproduced in ochre, earth and sand tones on the wool rugs, creating a strong and inviting vibe with a certain ethnic touch. This concept is inspired by the fascinating murals Besotho women use to decorate the exterior of their houses, consisting in stunning decorative plant and flower ornaments which are in fact artistic expressions of prayers to their ancestors, to whom they pray for rain, sun and peace. Their extraordinary pattern and quality bring a whole new dimension to interiors, making your floor a piece of art.

                                                                                        Photos © Nanimarquina

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