12 Types of Trending Wall and Wall Art Décor

Wall décor is a fascinating category because so many ideas work within the limitations of what can and cannot be done.

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A wall is flat, so what you do with it may not take up much space. You can go all-out and spend thousands on new art. Or, for under $20, grab supplies from a home décor store and create patterns, textures, and shapes.

There are many trendy wall décor and wall art examples to use as examples for approaching yours. Whether you have an empty room or a single blank wall, you have multiple possibilities to create. It is easy to overdo home décor because of this. 

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An elementary rule to remember is that you don’t need to stick with minimalism if you’re using only one wall. You can more or less go wild and cover its entirety. If you are decorating more than one wall, stick with a minimalist approach. Keep elements spaced apart. Avoid a boxed-in, claustrophobic look.

Learn about trendy wall and wall art décor people are using to fill their homes with:

1. Mirrors

It’s not enough to have just one mirror. Multiples can fill a wall area, especially when framed. If you’re uncomfortable with mirrors or live with someone who is, try combining smaller mirrors. Arrange the mirrors either as a single assembled décor piece or spaced apart.

2. Wallpaper

The go-to for covering a blank wall is wallpaper. Easy to apply and available in various patterns, you don’t have to cover every wall from the floor to the ceiling with wallpaper. If you prefer, you can choose to decorate only a portion of your walls. Alternatively, cover in its entirety on one wall while leaving the others bare.

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3. Wall Decals

Peel-and-stick wall decals are removable wall stickers that like a combination of wallpaper and textured art. Wall decals are incredibly inventive and often abstractly patterned. They are great for decorating walls in a dorm room, rented condo, or an apartment where you don’t want to cause damage to the wall. Plus, you won’t leave behind any stickiness either.

4. Poster Art

Poster art includes signs, photographs, and inspiring imagery that defines the room or that represents you. A poster hung on a wall should be spaced far apart from other types of wall décor. Album covers, sports figures, and quotes are the most popular types of poster art in décor.

5. Fabric

For people who love fabric, there are plenty of ways to use materials on your wall. Drape it, twist it like rope, or spread it across like a canvas. You may also start a trendy wall quilt or create faux curtains. If you have a large amount of wall space, fabric is a creative way to enhance it.

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6. Abstract Wall Art

Although unexpected, abstract wall art is as trendy as ever. Abstract art is all about adding symbolism and intrigue to your home décor. You can paint a canvas yourself and mount it, find an existing artwork, or commission a local artist to do an abstract.

7. Layered Wall Art

A bit of layering isn’t bad if you have a series of photos or wall art. However, it does offer some creative ways to decorate your walls. You can also layer materials with relationships to one another through color, pattern, texture, shape, or size. Layering art requires an expert eye and careful placement.

8. Abstract Paint

Use your wall as a canvas. Add personality to your wall with abstract painted shapes: splash, spread, dab, and brush as you like. Make space feel even cozier. Extremely cost-effective, the possibilities are endless in how you can decorate your wall. For something a little more planned, you could paint in geometric patterns, minimalist lines, or monochromatic stripes.

9. Wall Of Plants

Create a wall of plants through shelving, mounted planters, hanging planters on hooks, or a grid. If you don’t want to attract pests, an artificial plant collection can be as impactful visually as the real thing. That said, décor companies have made it easier than ever to enjoy indoor plants with minimal responsibility. Consider the benefits of designing a wall of plants for yourself.

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10. Mounted Décor

Many wholesale home décor objects can be mounted through simple clips, tacks, and hooks. Keep a minimalist approach and stick with a décor theme, whether that’s industrial, artistic, vintage, modern, mid-century, or otherwise. There are pre-designed sets of items that can be used as décor. You can also assemble your own. Even something as basic as steel cutlery arranged creatively on a wall can prove to be very charismatic.

11. Mounted Light Fixtures

Light fixtures have a significant role to play in the vibe of a space. A trendy wall art décor strategy utilizes light fixtures to suit the purpose of the room. For example, a kitchen requires bright lights, which might involve sizeable and open light fixtures. On your deck, fixtures are used to light pathways and unoccupied areas. In your bedroom, you may not have any light fixtures and choose LED string lights instead. Think about your lighting and whether it’s working or not in its current state.

12. Arts-And-Crafts Wall Décor

Wall art is trendy, and it can also be costly. A workaround popular on Instagram, Pinterest, and décor circles uses run-of-the-mill arts and craft materials on a mural. These include beads, gemstones, paint chips, or colored paper. Shopping for cheap stuff has never been so fun. This décor can take time to design and execute. However, the results are worth it, especially if you’re looking to make wall art décor affordably.


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