How Fine Art Transportation is Redefining the Interior Design Industry?

If you want to give your home or office an eccentric touch, adding fine arts to interior designing can make space stand out.

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And if you thought that the art world is dominated by the famous and rich, then here is good news – fine arts is gradually making its way to interior designing. 

And why just interior décor! Collecting fine art is a hobby for many – promoting the distribution of artwork and thus, boosting the global algorithm. However, the interior designing industry faces several challenges in terms of snapping the best art pieces and getting them transported with utmost care and efficiency. 

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A major segment of the artwork goes to museums and exhibitions and is open for auction. Even if you manage to win a bid, having it to adorn your home can be challenging. The problem – safe and reliable shipping in a way that honors the piece of art and ensures it reaches you proficiently. This is where the art logistics sector is working tirelessly for effective art management, transportation, and administration. To put it simply, fine arts logistic companies like Convelio function as the hands and brain of the art market. 

As the art market is growing at a rapid pace, there has been a rise in demand for professional art handling. From logistics management to shipments and transportation, the entire industry is working to help streamline operations and redefine the field of interior designing with an expert and client-oriented approach. In fact, fine art logistics is revolutionizing the art market, offering fully customizable and end-to-end management solutions for international and local art shipments. 

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An increased number of artists today rely upon efficient logistics management to ensure their pieces of artwork reach the right hands, giving interior designers unique ideas to transform spaces. However, it is often a better idea to partner with a company that works with a broad network of logistics partners and offers comprehensive solutions within one roof. Utilizing this network, one can manage their art shipment in a reliable and efficient manner. 

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These logistics partners offer end-to-end art transportation solutions, including: 

  • Collection of artifacts and packing them with utmost attention to detail. Packaging holds immense significance in fine art logistics because these are valuable pieces are must be handled carefully 
  • High-quality custom crating, which ensures avoiding risks of damage while shipping the artwork via sea or air. These companies have long-standing experience in delivering top-notch art packing services, which is the essence of the professional art shipping
  • Choosing the right transportation option based on the weight, fragility, size, and delivery deadline of the art. A good logistics partner offers tailor-made art shipping freight methods that can be customized to your unique needs 
  • Managing custom formalities, including cumbersome administrative operations involved with export and import of art
  • Door-to-door delivery or white glove art delivery, which is exceptionally popular in the U.S. This also includes complex installations and setting up once the artwork is delivered 

With fine art logistics getting more sophisticated than ever, we can expect the interior designing industry to revolutionize in the coming years – offering unique solutions to homes and commercial spaces alike.    


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