Embrace the Japanese Tradition with the 7 Alluring Bedroom Designs

While laying out room designs, home planners want to objectify their purpose of living.

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When it comes to bringing the take on your bedroom, you want to follow something that is beautiful in style and simple in nature. Your personal style of living specially reflects in designing your bedroom.  Nonetheless, bedroom designs are prioritized more often. It is that intimate  corner of your house that greets us every morning. Against all the odds, we try to nestle in an incredibly appealing and inherently relaxing bedroom, followed by  intimate conversations with our loved ones. So, after revising the world of bedroom designs, it will be a great idea to consider the  unique Japanese bedroom decor. 

Bedroom needs to be a space that makes us feel good about being there. The best way to design the bedroom is to add some Japanese elements. If you want maximum simplicity in everything from planning to furniture design, you will find the Japanese style incredible. 

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If you’re hovering over the Japanese style bedroom designs, it can be rightly said that such a kind of bedroom  space involves no pretense. Do you want to feature your bedroom opening into an airy and breathing space? You can opt for the Japanese bedroom style where you can enjoy that and get peace of mind. 

How Does Japanese Bedroom Decor Look Like?

You might have heard of the saying “less is more” and it justifies the decor of a Japanese style bedroom. You can indulge in the deepest pleasure of being simple.   A Japanese bedroom doesn’t constitute anything unnecessary. This subtle design will make use of every  spare square foot of your bedroom in the most minimalist yet chic way ever. . 

Are you exhausted of all possible trends and want to take inspiration from the t Japanese bedroom ideas? There are a few basic rules that will help you to create a harmonious and peaceful living environment. The Japanese decor is such that everything falls in a straight line. 

Learn how to create your own style of minimalistic Japanese bedroom.

When it comes to redesigning your bedroom interiors with a minimalistic touch, go for the  Japanese style, 

(1)    Cover Floor Area with Tatami Mats

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The bedroom interiors in the japanese style start from the floor. The design of the floor should be such that it needs to be pleasant for the bare foot. In traditional Japanese homes, you don’t wear any kind of footwear inside the bedroom. So, in order to make the floors comfortable, it’s usually covered with  the Tatami mats. 

Yes, why do they prefer to choose the tatami mats? These mats are produced from the rice straw, an organic product.  These natural products are soft and are cost-effective. If you can’t cover the entire bedroom floor with one tatami mat, you can choose small-sized tatami mats to ease out  walking and standing on the floor. 

(2)   Incorporate a Japanese Style Bed

 Another interesting decor of the Japanese style bedroom is the bed design. You may wonder, why are the Japanese beds so low? The answer to it is that they have the obsession to sleep low. Forget such  bed designs with  four posters, elaborate boxsprings, and platform beds. Go for low bed frames,  the futon bed frame works the best for you in a Japanese style bedroom.

 After settling with the bed design, you need to think of a place to keep it. The Japanese rule is to keep your bed in the centre of the room. Moreover, in a Japanese style, you should say goodbye to decluttering because you can’t keep anything more than  a bed, a seater and a dresser.

(3)  Get a Japanese Style Wall Decor


The thematic Japanese style bedroom  refers to a unique wall decoration. To keep the symmetry between the bed and the wall, japanese stylists suggest going for a relaxed decor instead of the patterned wallpapers. Induce earthen colors on walls, preferably the neutral colors such as creams, beige, off-white, and light grey work the best. Also, you can add a  focal point in the wall design that  consists   of Japan-inspired motifs such as bonsai motifs, cherry blossoms, and bamboo branches.

(4) Let There be Sliding Doors

 Nowadays, modern homes feature stylish sliding doors. Needless to say, the sliding doors are in the current trend but from where do you gain the inspiration? In the Japanese design, you would find large windows, glass fronts, and patio doors in the sliding form. To avoid blocking the natural source of light, you would need to choose the right shoji screens (sliding screens made out of paper) and lace-like fabrics for your huge Japanese style sliding doors.

(5)  Allow the Natural Light In

Are you still in doubt and questioning what is the essential ingredient of a Japanese bedroom design? Well, it’s nothing but the source of natural light that should flood your bedroom. You need to consider the entry of light sources in terms of furniture placement. You can also invest in adding some artificial sources of light such as lamp shades, paper lanterns, and wood-based lamps. 

(6) The Japanese Wall Art Should be There 

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 Indeed, wall art adds extra charm to your living. When it comes to a Japanese bedroom, you can conquer it with a monochrome based art decor. Hopefully, you have checked it before that Japanese bedroom design has a  symmetry between the black and white. Just incorporate that and make sure  the Japanese wall art is  surely highlighting a single-framed word representing a place of love, personality, dreams, and hopes. 

(7)  Bring the Nature Inside

When it comes to redesigning your interiors in accordance with Japanese style, you will never fall short of ideas. To create an airy space within, matching potted plants can be an ideal source of decoration. Breathe fresh and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in your sleeping area. Select some potted plants of your choice such as bamboo trees, and bonsai trees. 

Final Thoughts

Live the dream of having a  Japanese bedroom with the above ideas. The edge of  innovation has  led  to a combined pack of decor for your upcoming bedroom renovation in the form of  Japanese style. . After reading the above info by Architecturesideas, you must have already understood  design patterns meant for the Japanese style bedrooms. So, grab  them and upgrade your own bedroom now!.


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