15 Accessories and Pieces of Furniture in Scandinavian Style

Sleek lines, warm woods and effortless style exemplify the Nordic style. Scandinavian interior design promotes light and focuses on simplicity, functionality, natural materials and contrasting white and black accents. Scandinavian homes inspire a sense of peace and calm, with a juxtaposing lightness and warmth that permeates the room. Known for its minimalist nature, was influenced by economic reality, and climate in this part of the world. Shapes and colors are mostly inspired by nature. This is considered by Scandinavian designers an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It also provides the main material used for decoration, hence the name organic design. The cushions and upholstery fabrics have flowers, leaves and birds. The main material used in Scandinavian decorations is wood. This preference for wood is due to its abundance in the Scandinavian region. Thus, wood is in the composition of all furniture and all decorative objects. Traditional Scandinavian dishes are characterized by its pure form, without embellishments, images of Scandinavian design in general. Plates are generally round, cups and mugs are large and simple and fine glasses. The  most used materials are porcelain and earthenware for dishes, plates and cups. Here we gathered some 15 accessories and pieces of furniture that are great to decorate a room in a Scandinavian style.


1. Woody Chair, De La Espada

With such an evocative appearance, Woody is all that could present an armchair. Comfortable, easy to carry around the room and very pretty that make you smile. It is available in walnut or oak wood and upholstery, and can be ordered in various colors.

2. EKTORP Sofa bed, IKEA

Sofa with 2 seats, Byvik multicolored. Cover can be detached and washed.

3. Ru chair, Hay

Its appearance is inspired by a class reading chairs or a canteen. In terms of functionality, Ru is a perfect composition, designed to meet contemporary requirements of your home or workplace, and the wide range of colors satisfies any picky. Wood ash can be natural or painted, not completely hide the fiber, which creates a special tactile impression.


4.  CT04 BERTA, E15

Wooden coffee table with natural finish, by E15.


5. Marby table lamp, IKEA

Modern lamp with transparent glass and made of textile gives a diffused and decorative light.

6. Thin Side Table, De La Espada

This solid wood table, with its corners slightly bent, straightened up,  found its inspiration from origami art. It is available in two finishes either walnut or oak.

7. Bed linen, Twils

Exclusive fabrics specially chosen by Twils to ensure you sleep like a baby.

8. Flag, Asplund

Flag carpet is part of the Platinum Collection designed by Thomas Sandell. This rug is handmade in Nepal and Indo technology made ​​from a mixture composed of 75% wool and 25% of New Zealand finest silk.

9. TREE, Swedese

Designed by Michael Young and Katrin Olina, it is inspired by little soldiers or plastic Indian, veneered with oak, stretches its arms to accommodate coats, hats or bags. Finds a favorable environment both in the hall (there are wall mounting version) and in the bedroom as support for inspirational clothing combinations.


10. Fatboy Bean Bag Chair Red and White, Marimekko
Fatboy pays respect to innovation by letting fashion icon Marimekko use it as a three-dimensional canvas for their exciting prints. Very fashionable.

11. Porcelain Hay Vase, Anne Black

Beautiful shape and delicate patterns. They are spectacular either standing solo or in a larger grouping, holding flowers or left empty.


12. Bathroom Vanity, Bornholm

This bathroom vanity features clean lines and natural wood appearance. The beauty lies in its simplicity.  Accessorized here with a dramatic Kohler sink, the piece can take on a variety of personalities simply by changing out the sink and faucet. Eco-friendly, made of solid wood.


13. Ferm Living Thermo Mugs

Dramatically graphic yet with a nod to nature’s own simplistic designs, these adorable little mugs are sure to bring a smile to your face during your morning coffee.


14. Pendant Light, E27

When you have a bulb so well designed, you don’t need another shade. Pick your favorite color and hang it low over beside tables or a reading nook.

15. Risom Amoeba Shaped Coffee Table

It is a great and stylish option for a child-friendly coffee table. Jens Risom’s original 1941 collection for Knoll incorporates a natural aesthetic of understated Scandinavian design.

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