Ruché Sofa from Ligne Roset Displaying Welcoming Curves

Designed by Inga Sempé for French design brand Ligne Roset, Ruché Sofa is an interesting piece of furniture with unusual design that impresses by its simplity and great use of materials. With airy looks, the sofa’s original design was inspired by swing seats, the kind of rocking seats which one brings out in the garden in summertime. Combining rigidity and flexibility, Ruché Sofa consists of an upholstered quilted blanket draped over a lifted from the ground, fine structure which is made of wood. Though simple in its appearance, this sofa features welcoming curves and soft lines due to its filling materials and its quilting. Since the height of its armrests is the same as that of its back, one can just as easily sit sideways and stretch out one’s legs: as a major refinement, the armrest is mounted on elastic webbing to enable to sitter to lean back in the greatest possible comfort. It looks very cosy and homemade with this minimal design.


Photos:  courtesy of Inga Sempé.



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