2015’s Top 5 Furniture Trends: From Contrast to Minimalism

If there’s one word that describes 2015’s top furniture trends, it’s “reinvention.” This year’s trends blend new looks with classic styles that have come back after decades in the shadows.

From stylish classic armchairs and sofas, complete with floral and paisley patterns, to minimalistic bedroom furniture, 2015’s top styles are a mix of new and old looks with some serious doses of colour thrown in.


To make sense of the year’s hottest styles and biggest furniture trends, we spoke to the experts at AHF Furniture. They’ve provided what they believe will be 2015’s top five furniture trends to help you decorate your home for the coming year.

Contrast walls

Contrast is always the key to a great looking interior. While most interior designers have aimed for contrast between a room’s flooring and its furniture, one of the best design trends of 2014 has been contrast walls.

A contrast wall is a wall that’s painted a different colour from the rest of the room – a stylish point of visual contrast that adds style and depth to a space. Contrast walls look particularly eye-catching and effective in the bedroom.

Paired with white furniture (or, alternatively, light natural wood furniture) there’s nothing that commands attention like a contrast wall. A must for modern bedrooms, home offices and living spaces.

Floral furniture

After several decades away from interior magazines, floral furniture is back. This time, it appears to be here to stay, with floral and paisley prints appearing on the year’s hottest sofas, armchairs and bench seats.

Today’s floral furniture effortlessly blends the classic style of early 20th century floral prints with the sharp lines and simplicity of today’s sofas and other living room furniture.

Equally suitable for a modern home as it is in a classic living environment, we see floral furniture hitting its stride in 2015. Bring a touch of this classic style to your living room with a floral print armchair – it will definitely start conversations.

Solid colours

After years of leather sofas catching people’s attention, solid-coloured fabric sofas and other living room furniture are on the way back in. Fabric sofas are back for a variety of reasons, but the biggest is their sheer versatility.

Unlike leather furniture, which looks best in classic living areas with warm colour schemes, solid-coloured fabric furniture can blend in alongside classic furniture or in an ultra-modern living space.

Solid-coloured sofas and armchairs are also amazingly easy to customise. With an upholstery modification, you can transform a classic sofa into an eye-catching item for your modern living room.

Painted oak

Just like versatility rules the living room, it’s also ruling the dining room. Unlike the glass tables and other ultra-modern dining room furniture that was at its peak over the last few years, 2015’s finest dining room furniture is 100% natural.

Oak is the material of choice and, available in a wide range of different colours, it’s a great choice for any dining room. Painted oak tables, chairs, sideboards and cabinets are catching on due to their incredible aesthetic versatility.

At home in modern, classic and mid-century dining rooms, painted oak fits into its surroundings like few other materials. This aesthetic versatility – in addition to the great durability of oak – makes it a wonderful choice for any home dining room.

 Minimalist bedrooms

Has minimalism ever gone out of style? Lovers of all things simple yet stylish will be happy to see that minimalistic bedrooms, which have always been a favourite, are a major furniture trend for 2015.

Our personal pick is white gloss furniture, which is ideal for furnishing both master and guest bedrooms. Bright white and perfectly matched with any colour scheme, it suits every type of bedroom environment, from cosy apartments to family homes.

Match high gloss white furniture with a contrast wall – our first interior design and furniture trend of the year – for the ultimate master bedroom, children’s bedroom or home office.

Which of 2015’s trends do you think have staying power?

Trends come and go, especially in the world of interior design. From floral patterned sofas to minimalistic bedrooms, which of 2015’s interior design and furniture trends do you think have the most staying power?


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