An educational, cool and stunning way to decorate your child’s room

Choosing a decorating style for your child’s room can be tough but if you get it right incredibly rewarding for both you and your little loved one. In an ideal world, you want the room you design to be educational, fun and aesthetically stunning. You want to create a room that your child can live, love and learn in all under the same roof.CID 16.10.14 233

One way to do this is to bring the world to your child’s fingertips using world map wallpaper. In these shots below of a blue political map, the aim was to create a ‘stunning feature wall that kept in with the existing colour scheme yet induced wonder and awe as well as being educational’. We think they have managed to achieve this superbly.

CID 16.10.14 232

The map in question here was of a more serious nature. As you can see by the other pictures in this article, other world map designs, while still educational, focus a lot more on fun. These more playful designs feature animals, patterns,  bold colours and world landmarks, all designed to appeal to a child’s eye.Kids-Map-Colourway-Two

A great idea to consider

If you do choose to use world map wallpaper to decorate your child’s room, the journey doesn’t have to stop there. You could even make the child’s wallpaper an ongoing project by attaching little cards to your world paper that highlight where your family has been on holiday, where you would like to go or places that have a special meaning to your family.Kids-Landmark-Light

This way, you can use your world map wallpaper to breathe life into your little one’s room and create a design theme that not only educates to will involve your child, bring your family together and have them staring back at the world in wide eyed wonder.Kids-Vintage

Also, the customisable nature of these maps means that if you supply your area code, whoever produces your wallpaper can make a customised map of the geographical area that suits. As well as being super cool for a kid, this means you could even customise your wallpaper with tags marking where your friends and loved ones live.



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