2018 Trends in Action: Restaurant Design and Architecture

People tend to eat at their favorite restaurants not just because of the food, but also because of the ambience of the place. It is apparent that their penchant for great food is enhanced by the atmosphere that the place is offering. In other words, the ambience of a restaurant can attract or repel diners.

It’s The Ambience Says The Survey

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This fact is proven by a survey about the importance of a restaurant’s ambience. The survey recorded the opinion of 500 Australians who were asked what it is that would bring them back to a restaurant. A majority of those surveyed, about 42.7 percent, said that they would go back because of the atmosphere of the place. Approximately 40.8 percent of those questioned said it would be for the restaurant’s customer service. Around 28.9 percent answered that it is for the value that they’ll come back. About 20.8 percent replied that it is because of convenience. Only 1.4 percent of those surveyed gave other reasons.

Clearly, the survey shows that a majority of people return to a restaurant because of its ambience. The atmosphere in a restaurant appears to be more important than the food it is offering. That is why we have listed the restaurant design trends for this year for restaurateurs who want their tables to be filled with satisfied diners.

Green Is In

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Increasingly, restaurants are getting the greens in. They are introducing more plants and greenery inside their premises and that includes living walls full of growing plants. Ray Chung, The Johnson Studio director of design says that we are going to see additional ornamental plants incorporated in interior design as an alternative to the machine and technology-enabled world.

Natural Textures Will Increase

In line with trend number one, the use of natural textures in restaurants’ interior design will increase. Cozy natural restaurant interiors will be the ‘in’ thing because it can add more to the tasty experience that diners will have. Wooden furniture or furniture that looks like wood, with their natural grains and textures, adorned with metal accessories will be used to attract more diners to restaurants.

Less Will Mean More


The restaurateur who established Smith & Mills, Matt Abramcyk, says that less is more. In 2018, he will continue to follow this mantra as he operates his recently-launched Osprey located at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. Abramcyk says that he is more inclined to embrace the space’s original architecture. Before, he was more on lavishing his restaurants with various color schemes, grandiose wallpapers and over decorated corners. Now he wants to highlight the place’s initial craftsmanship.

Bespoke Lighting Will Be In-Style

Restaurants will install bespoke lighting to attract diners. This is the projection of Kajsa Krause and Tracy Sawyer of the Krause Sawyer design studio. Anita Summers of The Johnson Studio agrees. This lighting specialist says that the biggest factor that will influence lighting in 2018 will be technology. By integrating apps and remote control, restaurants can control every single bulb in every part of their premises from changing colors, dimming colors, turning them on and off, and so forth.

Classic Finishes Will Return

In the 60s and the 70s, Chrome was very popular. This metal has returned in runway clothing from Gucci to Kenzo. It is now making a comeback in modern restaurant interiors. Anna Polonsky and Amy Morris, both designers at The MP Shift design studio say that Chrome will come back in 2018 and will be this year’s finish du jour, instead of brass. The two said that they are designing a place in Houston with chrome at the soffit of the bar and at the chrome kick in the banquette.

Vintage Will Be Mixed With Modern

Vintage pieces are also making a comeback. They will be mixed with modern restaurant projects. Artful furniture pieces, velvet upholstery and other luxurious vintage interiors will be incorporated in contemporary interior design layouts.

These are not all the restaurant design trends for 2018. There are other trends that are not listed in this short article. But the trends discussed herein are the most recent prognostications of experienced restaurant designers and project developers.


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