Tips for Using Your Pool During the Winter Months

Having a pool in your backyard is great; you can swim laps, float around to relax, or use it as a venue for social events.

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However, many pool owners feel they don’t get to maximize their investment because they have to close their pool up in the winter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several things you can do to keep your pool open and usable in winter.

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Check out these tips if you’re interested in keeping your pool open during the long winter months.

Install a Heater

Your first step to using your pool in the winter is to install a pool heater. They’re the top choice to extend your pool season. The only caveat with a pool heater is you must be careful with how long and how hard you run it. It can add a significant amount to your energy bill.

Buy Some Insulated Covers

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Now, your pool heater will go to waste if you don’t figure out a way to keep as much heat in the pool as possible. One way you can do that is to cover your pool with an insulated blanket. This can help reduce the amount of heat loss and even help lower the energy bill you’d have with the heater alone. Just remember to have your pool covered whenever you’re not using it.

Have Freeze Protection

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In the winter, your pool faces one key danger – freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures and ice can cause excessive wear and tear or even significant damage to key operating components like your pump. An easy way to protect your pool in the winter if you’re not going to use it is to install a freeze monitor. The monitor automatically turns your pump on when the temperature drops into the freezing range.

Have a Power Outage Plan

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If your power fails in the winter, you run the risk of significant damage being done to your pool’s parts. You have to do the following if your pool is open during the winter and your power goes out: 1) loosen the drain plugs in your heater and pump; 2) filter the drain plug; 3) turn the breaker off; 4) close the pool line valves and open the air filter; 5) replace the plugs, prime the pump, and turn it on once the power is restored.

Perform Regular Maintenance

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Even if you aren’t using your pool frequently in the winter, you can’t completely shirk your pool maintenance responsibilities. You should regularly clear your pool of dirt and debris so those bits of debris don’t clog up your filter and damage it.

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You should also continuously test your water throughout the winter. Doing so will ensure your pool isn’t becoming the perfect place for algae and bacteria to grow. While you don’t need to test the water as often in the winter, regularly testing your chlorine and pH levels can save you a headache later.

Maximize Your Pool in Winter

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Keeping your pool open in the winter keeps your regular exercise venue open and can even be relaxing if the water is warm enough. Whether you plan on using your pool regularly this winter or not, you can still benefit from trying to preserve the temperature and regularly checking the water.

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