5 Common Questions and Answers About Mice in the House

Mice pose a pretty big threat to homes all around the globe, yet people often find themselves powerless when faced with such a dangerous horde. No one likes having mice invade their homes and there are plenty of questions that people ask in an effort to learn more about fighting mice.


These questions are completely fair and valid; after all, the more you know, the easier it will be for you to know what to do if an infestation manages to happen. Your job is to do all you can to stop them (or prevent them from coming in the first place) and what better way to do that than to educate yourself?

So, we’re here to help you out by researching 5 of the most common questions and answers about mice in the house. Among these questions, you’ll learn how to catch a mouse, how to fight them, and what you can do to prevent these rodents from visiting your home.

How to Catch a Mouse?

The best way you can catch a mouse is by purchasing a couple of mice traps and placing them around your home. Do not use poison except as a last ditch effort as it is dangerous and can cause harm to you or those around you. This includes pets as well, so if you absolutely must use poison, make sure that no one can accidentally get close to the poison.

Snap traps and catch & release traps should do just fine as one is a humane way of killing the mice, whilst the other doesn’t include the killing aspect.

Why are Mice so Dangerous?

Mice are dangerous for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is disease. Mice carry a plethora of diseases, many of which can end up with a fatal result. This is why timing is key; if you deal with the problem as soon as you can, then you’ll minimize the potential chance to catch a disease.

Mice can also cause structural damage to your home and they chew on wires as well. Damaged wires are a fire hazard so take great care!

What is the Best Mouse Trap?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. Are you on a tight budget? Then grab a couple of snap traps and peanut butter (which you will use as bait) and hope for the best (just make sure you place at least 6 traps in your home).

Do you want a humane way of getting rid of mice? Then catch & release traps are your best bet. But be mindful; check the traps often and release the mice as soon as you can to prevent unnecessary pain to the animal.

Should I React if I have Seen Only One Mouse?

Yes! Even one mouse is a major issue since there’s a high possibility that one mouse means plenty of mice. Add on top of that the fact that mice reproduce extremely quickly and you’ll be in a lot of trouble if you don’t react swiftly!

What is the Best Prevention Method?

The most successful prevention methods are peppermint oil and general care of hygiene and cleanliness. If you keep your house clean, there’s almost no way you’ll be the target of an infestation. Additionally, use peppermint oil just in case!


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