How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

Finding the perfect living room furniture for your home is a great accomplishment, but it’s only one step towards the living room of your dreams.



No matter how incredible the furniture looks, it can only fulfill its true potential if you know how to properly arrange it. You don’t want a living room to appear smaller due to furniture arrangement or to limit the movement of your guests. In this article, we’ll give you some great tips on how to arrange your living room furniture.

Determine Its Function


First of all, you need to know what you are going to be using each of the individual furniture pieces for. What activities are you going to engage in? Is it playing video games, chatting with your friends over a glass of wine, have guests over for a movie or something else entirely? When you decide on that, you’ll need to figure out how much seating space you need and have available. Remember that everybody has to feel comfortable. When you answer these questions you’ll be closer to picking the right number and type of furniture.

Set the Focal Point


No matter how impressive each furniture piece is, every living room needs to have a focal point. It’s the piece of furniture that immediately draws the eye to it. The focal point, therefore, has a lot of influence over what type of the first impression your living room leaves. In most cases, the focal point of a room is a fireplace or the TV. When you determine the function of your room, you’ll be able to figure out what will work best as the focal point in your living room.

Don’t Hinder the Traffic


Determine where your guests and family members will move the most to find the traffic paths in your living room. You can even use chalk to draw these patterns. Once you determine what they are, try to make sure your furniture doesn’t obstruct these paths and that movement through the room is free and easy.

Don’t Stick Too Close to the Walls


The best way to create a cozy atmosphere is to group the furniture together as close as possible. This will make conversation easier and give your living room a friendly tone. Don’t be afraid to move the furniture towards the center of the room and away from the walls. This will create a much more intimate atmosphere.

Plan for Electric Installations

Every experienced interior designer knows that the best way to create a breathtaking living room is to play around with lighting. Apart from the main lighting, you can add ambient led lights that are going to create a cozy atmosphere or put an extra emphasis on your focal point.

That is something you need to consider when arranging your furniture. Apart from making sure you leave enough room for ambient lights, try not to obstruct any electrical outlets.

Anchor Your Design

Finally, you should use an element that will anchor your sitting area and the furniture. For example, if you go for traditional furniture elements consider a rustic rug to bring it all together nicely.

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