23 Astonishing Bathroom Design Ideas from Porcelanosa

Transform your bathroom into a surprising new space, achieving a look of luxury with these incredible bathroom designs ideas from Porcelanosa. The bathroom should be both a space of relaxation and intimacy. The beginning and the ending of the day takes place in the bathroom, so this space should suggest a sense of order, balance and life.Porcelanosa Group, a major reference on the Spanish and international markets, offer a wide product range that includes ceramic walls, floor tiles, parquet flooring and bathroom products including showers, whirlpool baths, bathroom furniture and accessories as well as state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture. Perfect for those looking for modern bathroom designs and furniture, these innovative and stylish finishes features contemporary clean lines, durability, high quality and subtle or bold coloration that  creates a statement in any room.

Whether you want to achieve the durability of porcelain tile, the illusion of an opulent mosaic pattern, a seamless and elegant look or curvaceous textures, their large format tile gives you endless posibilities. Their originality lies in simplicity and quality. Porcelanosa Group’s visionary and eccentric concepts reveal sinuous forms sent to the flow of water: tap evokes fluid, suspended or piedestral basins that bring the water droplets, ceramic tiles reminiscent of sea waves.  A priority in design is using environmentally friendly materials, their efforts are also centred on the design of products that contribute to the reduction of water and energy consumption in the home. Examples of this include taps that limit the water flow. These original looking elements combined give a sense of pleasant relaxation, making the time spent in the bathroom an experience of infinity.

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