Unconventional House Bursting with Color and Futuristic Details

Nested in Torres Vedras, Portugal, this impressive and unconventional house designed by Portuguese architect and designer Pedro Gadanho speaks for itself. It’s about a restoration of the interior of a generously sized house situated on the main pedestrian street of Oporto. Influenced by surrealist imagery, but also German expressionism and the underground culture of the ’80s, the architect created an exuberant color space where furniture giant take the form of pills. He designed a very special universe and the result seems to be separated from another reality. He transformed the entrance hall and staircase in a unitary structure, solid and sculptural, which connects all three levels of home and became the centerpiece of the arrangement.

Design is characterized by oversized furniture, with troubling forms, fluorescent tones seem to be inserted into the predominantly white area of their own will. Even if these elements that take by surprise visitors, they have also functional role. A capsule worthy of a science fiction film delimitates reading room space from that of the hall and giant pills and other geometric objects are actually storage space. It was used natural wood floors to achieve continuity and space heat. Colours are used to define different spaces, functions and zones and are making a very nice contrast though they are very bright colors. The underground, he has built a soundproofed area and the attic bedroom, a dressing room, a studio and a terrace. Outdoor spaces are also full of surprises, here found a sapphire blue pool and a spiral staircase.  This house is a  really an art project that stands out through its new and original retro-futuristic vision, making you to take a second look!

Photos: © Fernando Guerra.

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