3 Benefits Of Butterflies In Your Garden

Butterflies are among the few insects that represent pure happiness and beauty. The amazing thing about these insects is that they are not only beautiful but also very beneficial to the environment.  Both animals, humans, and even plant’s delight at the presence of butterflies, especially during spring and summer. How useful are butterflies? You may ask. Discussed below are 3 main benefits of butterflies in an ecosystem. 

1. They Are Proficient Pollinators

Much like bees, butterflies come in handy in pollinating plants in your garden. They facilitate the transfer of pollen from one plant to the other (same species) hence making it possible for plants to produce fruit hence cycle of new plants. Butterflies carry pollen on their feet and legs as they hop from one flower to the next in their hunt for nectar. Plants such as milkweed can be great for attracting monarch and other butterflies and in turn help you pollinate your garden.

2. Check and Balances

There are different types/species of butterflies in the world. Many of these butterflies feed on some types of plants which helps keep foliage in check. This mostly happens in their larvae stage where they will feed on plants such as milkweed, as well as aphids on the leaves.

That way, your garden remains healthy with no sap-sucking aphids and controlled foliage growth. You could, therefore, use these larvae to control nuisance plants in your garden.  When the larvae feed on aphids, you can be assured the plants, and especially the flowers, will be safe. 

3. Can Be Used as A Standard Environmental Measure

While tremendously beneficial to the ecosystem, butterflies are highly sensitive to environmental changes. Even the slightest ecological changes can wipe out populations of butterflies. That said, scientists, you included, can watch the behavior of butterflies in the garden or around you to determine how healthy the garden and the environment is. Butterflies will only thrive in areas of serenity and no toxic compounds. 

Butterflies are highly beneficial and essential in the garden. Creating a butterfly-friendly garden is not only recommended but advantageous too. They are also a beautiful addition to your garden and the landscape.


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