3 top tips for avoiding a plumbing disaster while renovating

Kitchen or bathroom renovations can be exciting. But, the excitement can soon some to an end if plumbing disasters occur. Plumbing is a major consideration when it comes to renovating these parts of your home. If you do not get it right, the renovation can end up costing a lot more than you originally planned, and you can end up with some major headaches along the way.

Simply taking account of the three tips in this article could end up saving you money, time and stress. Remember, the better you prepare, the more likely it is that your renovation will go to plan.

Do not forget to switch the water off

This may seem like a really obvious point, but you would be amazed at how often the simple things are overlooked. You should never work on any of the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen without making sure the water supply is switched off before you start. If you have been working on another part of the renovation project, it’s easy to get side tracked, so make sure that you take a couple of minutes before you start any plumbing work, to make sure all of the preparations are in place. Never assume that someone else has switched off the water supply; always make sure that it has been done.

Bear in mind the current plumbing

It’s all very well, knocking down walls, or re-arranging where everything is in your kitchen, but what happens when items need to be plumbed in? You always need to think about where current plumbing lines are, when you are making changes. You do not want hot water pipes to be on the opposite side of the room from where appliances need to be plumbed in. Not taking into account where plumbing is may mean that your renovations need changing, mid project. Doing this can be expensive and time consuming.

Think about all members of the household

Choosing a new kitchen or bathroom might seem easy at first; but it’s easy to forget that all members of the family need to be able to use all of the facilities in the room. Have you chosen taps that your children can use? Do you need any additional fittings in the shower, to make it easier for your elderly father to use? All of these things need to be taken into consideration when you are renovating. Otherwise, your new kitchen or bathroom may require a significant number of changes after completion; this will cost you extra money.

If you have any doubts about the plumbing involved in a renovation project, you should speak to professionals such as Plumbing Detectives. Any major plumbing work should always be left to the professionals. They can help you make sure that your renovation plan is developed to take into account plumbing considerations. This means that your renovation project is more likely to be successful.


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