Some Current Interior Design Trends…

The interior design world is constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends. I have hand selected some of the more elegant and bold trends Here are some of the most notable that I have had the pleasure of seeing recently.

  1. Statement lighting

A room’s lighting is an essential component to its overall aesthetic. Recently I have seen a frenzy for statement lighting fixtures and lamps. Out with the drab and dull ‘classics’ and in with the modern and stylish.

A relatively inexpensive option, adding the right statement lamp can have an impactful effect on your home. Everything from brass art-deco hanging lamps to neo-renaissance chandeliers can be reworked into a contemporary interior that dazzles.

LampCommerce is a great resource for lamps, stocking some of the most daring lighting on the market. The point of a statement lighting piece is to draw the eye’s attention, there are some excellent models, especially those by Artemide, that have the ability to bring the entire room together into one coherent vision. 

  1. Potted Plants

With fears about the environment at the forefront of many peoples’ minds, I’ve noticed a real push for plants as natural decoration rather than some lifeless trinkets. This dash of green can really do wonders when incorporated into the right setting.

This trend has brought potted plants that you wouldn’t have often seen used before, my favourite is the Aloe Vera.

Nowadays Aloe Vera isn’t just a helpful ingredient in skincare creams. The thick waxy leaves create an exciting look, showing off a look that resembles the expansive canopy of a palm tree and the sharpness of a cactus.

They come in many shapes and sizes, making them a versatile choice from a plant you could keep as an ornament on your dining table to something the size of a small bush in the corner of a room.

  1. Marble and Brass

Marble is one of those things that never goes out of style. A trend that keeps resurfacing with added details, marble is once again making a comeback. However this year marble is being paired with brass accents to generate a luxurious guise, unequalled by current materials.

In small quantities, such as marble accessories twinned with brass fittings, this trend can raise your room from standard family home to whispered luxe.

The clue here is less is more, too much can give off a cold, unwelcoming vibe that is definitely not the feel you want when welcoming guests.

  1. Geometric Designs

The goal of “interior design” is usually to give of the appearance that your living space has been curated, whether that be carefully or in a more mercurial style, being ‘put-together’ is the aim.

One way of doing this is by adding some geometric patterns via floor tiles or wallpaper to a space. The right pattern will help tie in the room’s decoration but help the room stand out, and that’s what you need in a space, visual excitement with harmony.

  1. Upholstered Headboards

The final trend I can really get behind is one that has been common place in hotels for many years. Out with that hardwood backboard and in with something softer and more elegant. Obviously, it is all dependant on the look of your bedroom and the colours you’ve gone for, but when done well a fabric headboard provides a great finishing touch to the room. The overall effect is one of luxury, but the fabric manages to soften the aesthetic, giving the room a warm atmosphere.


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