3 Ways Toddlers Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home

There’s absolutely nothing more precious than your own children, especially when they’re very young and still so excitable and newly curious. In fact, they’re so sweet and innocent that it’s impossible not to love them, even when they damage your home!

They might be small, but the destruction of toddlers may cause can be considerable. If you have very young kids around a new home, here are some things you’ll want to watch out for, as well as solutions for how to undo the damage inflicted by your adorable little ones.

Flushing the Toilet

All it takes is some bad luck, and a toddler could get their hands on something that presents a challenge to your pipes, accidentally drop it in the toilet and flush it away. You don’t want a situation where your child sees something in the home, stumbles into the washroom and ends up causing problems.

There have been stories where a toddler gets their hands on precious jewelry and accidentally flushes it down the toilet. But even if what’s being flushed isn’t valuable, many items should never get flushed down because they could clog your pipes.

To prevent this from occurring in the first place, you should child-proof the lock on your washroom door. If it’s too late and there’s already a clog after they sent something through the pipes that weren’t meant to go down, call serious plumbers like the professionals at Sewer Squad to come and fix it right away.

When a plunger won’t unclog the drain, they can come the same day you call and remove the obstruction without making a mess in your home. Look for a service that can attend to any plumbing emergency, and doesn’t charge extra for evenings or weekend service.

Wall Drawings

The magnificent prehistoric cave drawings in Southern France are priceless and need to be preserved at all costs because they display our species’ earliest recorded drawings, but if your child draws on the walls of your home early on in their life, it needs to be erased! Encourage their pursuit of art, but not like this.

Cleaning your walls depends on what tool your toddler got a hold of:

  • Wax crayons can be scrubbed with non-gel toothpaste
  • Lead pencils can be cleaned effectively with non-gel toothpaste
  • Magic Marker comes off with rubbing alcohol
  • Pen disappears after spraying some hairspray and wiping away

Support your children’s arts and crafts by buying them paper or canvas.

Secure Bookshelves

Children are naturally curious, and they move around and test and sample whatever is in front of them so they can learn. If you have valuable items within their reach on a bookshelf, either place them higher up or cover them with a secure child-proof door.

Make sure the shelf itself is securely fastened to the wall because there have been tragic stories of toddlers who lost their lives after pulling or climbing on a bookshelf.

Ideally, you always have two eyes or more on your kids wherever they are. But keep these tips in mind and be proactive, and both your children and your home will remain perfectly safe and undisturbed.


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