Designing Your New Swimming Pool

Not only does adding a swimming pool add value to your home, adds lots of fun too! Your new pool will be the life of the party, and there’s nothing better than jumping in on a hot day. Let’s take a look at some key factors you’ll want to consider in designing a custom pool.

Expense and Value

You need to know that pools are a big expense, especially custom pools. If you do decide to build a custom pool, however, you’re not limited to design features, which is a principal plus for your home.

Not being limited to design features can help you later on with the reselling of your home. Think about that. What better highlights of a house? That is why not only does it add a good amount to your resale value, but it can also help you sell the house in the future as well.

Even if you currently have a pool, you can still get a designed custom pool. Pool remodeling can also be expensive, but if you’re looking for the perfect pool in your backyard, this can be a great idea.

Overall Pool Design

Before the design of your pool is set in stone, you’ll need to consider all of the options. Is your pool going to be used by kids? If this is a major contributing factor, you’ll want to think about safety design and features that add fun. Due to this being a custom pool, you can add features that you desire and are only limited on price.

Would you like diving boards? Want islands or floating bars? Would you like waterfalls or other rock formations? Want an amazing outdoor entertainment system, filled with surround sound speakers and a projector for movies? These are the options custom pools can offer, and pool companies in Austin can help you achieve this. Besides cool features that everyone can enjoy, you do need to think about safety. Swimming children should be thought of first and foremost.

Custom pool designs can come in all sorts of shapes. Pool covers will have to be made to fit those requirements. Particular design features should be considered when safety is necessary. 

When there are custom rock formations or waterfalls, think about blind spots. Think about, if there is anywhere someone could get stuck or snagged under the water.

Think about lighting, and if any places in the pool are not visible. Fencing around the pool in deeper areas and signs indicating water depth is key. Since safety is necessary, pool design companies can help you pinpoint areas of concern in your design.


If you live in a warm location, pool heat is likely not needed. However, if you don’t, you’ll most likely want pool heat. Installation isn’t difficult, but the cost and the layout of your pool do matter. If your pool is deep, take into thought that it’ll take longer to warm up. The cost of heating will increase as well.

But, let’s say you don’t need to worry about a heater. If you live in a hotter climate, you will need to think about pool cooling. If it is almost always warm out, your pool can get too warm, which could lead to a safety issue. You’ll want your pool to have cool water.

To obtain this, pool companies can help you with design and temperature control. They are they to do the heavy lifting and assist you in not only design features, but costs as well. Pool design companies will suggest the correct pool cover and potential shading for the poolside, or certain areas over the pool. These points need to be analyzed in the overall design too. Would you like shaded areas? If so, shading structures can be equipped for the pool and poolside.

Cost of Maintenance

The budget is a key player. You’ll need to know the cost of your pool. Beyond that, you’ll need to know the maintenance costs. If you live in a colder climate and require a heater, this will add to the cost of your budget. If you live in a warmer climate, you don’t need to worry as much about this circumstance.

The overall design does matter to the cost of your build. Tile is cheaper to maintain but does cost more to build. Fiberglass construction is more affordable to build, however, it does require more cleaning and repair costs.If lighting is added, that will increase your electric bill. Water will increase the cost as well. These are sometimes overlooked.

Pool companies will help you with the overall cost and life-time cost of your pool. You’ll also have to take into the fact of talking to your insurance company and possibly requiring a building permit. You’ll need to think about the cost of installation and life-time costs for maintenance. Maintenance is highly overlooked with large pools.Additionally, pool companies in Austin will help you figure out all the necessary costs for your budget. 

Planning and designing a custom pool is exciting. It might seem overwhelming to some, but pool design companies are there to help you with the work. The wonderful thing is you get to design your pool! Besides that, it’s completely custom with special features that stick out.

If it’s complete with fun extras like waterfalls, slides or stunning entertainment features, knowing you designed it is half the pleasure. Not only will it help the overall value of your home, but it will surely bring friends and family over to enjoy a superb pool.

You’ll be able to take pride in the fact you designed it and host amazing events. Custom pools can be designed to be the ultimate entertainment area. If it’s having friends and family over for parties or holidays or truly enjoying it to yourself, designing a pool brings a lot to the table for you and your family. Pool companies in Austin are there to help you with the design or your dream pool. You’ll finally be able to have the time of your life in the pool of your creation.


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