How to Choose Furniture for Italian Restaurant

You probably imagine Italian restaurants as places that have checkered table cloths, images of Italian sights, tourist attractions, and even actors. 

After all, almost every American movie that has a scene in an Italian restaurant offers this kind of view to you – a nice, cozy, traditional place run by people who speak Italian.

But, is every Italian restaurant like that? Of course not, sometimes furniture makes the biggest difference.

If you are interested in learning more about this if you want to know what you should do when choosing furniture for your Italian restaurant, keep reading. 

Focus on the atmosphere and decide

What do you want to achieve with this restaurant? How do you want your customers to feel? Do you want a more modern design or you’d rather go for the traditional stuff?

The atmosphere is everything, in this case, and you need to sort that out before you start buying. 

Just know that there are classic Italian restaurant designs and there are those that are more modern. 

The goal is to find the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional which can be seen in the design of an Italian restaurant in West Bay.

This more modern option included a sophisticated and rich color palette of nature-inspired shades of brown, emerald, navy and red that dominate the space. The furniture is upholstered and it defines various dining seating. 

They also added oak chevron flooring, white marble surface finishes, and other luxurious elements.

On the other hand, a more classic approach would include hardwood flooring, simpler furniture made of wood, an open kitchen, and a checkered table cloth.

So, sit down and do some thinking before you go out to buy furniture.

If you want to upgrade…

If you already have a restaurant and you would like to upgrade to make it look more Italian, here are some tips from the leading fit-out company from Doha:

  • First of all, add a checkered tablecloth for a more classic, informal Italian touch. For more formal occasions, dress your tables with white linen cloth. 
  • As a centerpiece, use an empty Chianti bottle covered with candle wax.
  • The next thing you should do is focus on accessories. Pull down your old artwork and put up accessories that will breathe Italian into your venue.

For example, you could put up a flag, add landscapes of famous Italian sights, you can even lookup famous Italians or famous Italian movies and then put up pictures of them.

This kind of Italian interior design layout will be enough for a start.

Italians put family above everything else!

If you have a big restaurant, please insert a few round tables that can serve up to 6 or more people.

Italians really prioritize their families over everything else. And, that is why they often come in large groups.

Simple furniture items will do okay but you should install a good big table so that each customer has enough space to enjoy their meal. 

Always have a few baby chairs around since Italians often come with all of their family members – toddlers included!

And, once you manage to create that special atmosphere you will realize how nice Italians are and how they really care about their old traditions!

Final thoughts

Once you select the right furniture pieces, once you make changes to the interior design in general, start thinking about adjusting your menu.

Include Italian specialties but always leave some meals on the menu that people of all origins love. Yes, pizza is adored worldwide but includes some local-favorite meals.

And, don’t forget, once you start having regulars, you will be considered a family member along with your restaurant. So, it may not be a bad idea to roll out free refills every now and then or offer free salad and bread.

Finally, consider this a friendly tip. Whenever you are in doubt interior design-wise, go online and see whether industry pros such as Dezeen or similar magazines have a few tips that could help.


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