4 Biggest Design Mistakes People Do In Their Living Rooms

While growing up, we collect so many memories of the time we shared with our family and friends in our humble abode. Whether they’re good or bad, our living room played a very important role in imprinting them in our brain because this is where we spend most of our time at our house.

Our living room is an essential component of our home and having a well-planned decoration system triggers a happier place to live in, with the help of the ornaments, home decors, furniture and invigorating scents that make it a home sweet home. However, many homeowners have limited knowledge about home designing and it is best to list down some of the biggest design mistakes people do in their living room so that they can make the necessary repair and adjustment in their living areas.

  1. Matching Furniture Set

Number one on our list is buying furniture that matches too well with other furnishing features in the living room.

Many homeowners tend to commit this rookie mistake in the belief that this will create balance in their living room. Buying furniture that matches too well will not only make a bland look effect in your living room, but this will also eventually give your living area a magazine, a catalogue or a showroom vibe.

Most furniture shops like All 4 Furnishings sells a collection of furnishing features that will give you a variety of colours and texture which are the essential factors you need to consider in decorating your living room.

The secret ingredient in making your living room look fresh and inviting is by adding a personalized touch that will identify your character. Show your creative and adventurous side by mixing and matching furnishing features and home decors and by selecting ornaments that will catch the attention of your visitors whenever they come by.

  1. Poorly-Planned Design Layout

If you want to maximize your space and save money at the same time, you might want to give special attention to your living room layout.

Many homeowners tend to forget how to properly utilise this area of interior design as many are excited to get new things for their home or what new furniture to buy that looks great with their existing home decors. Indeed, it is really easy to shut your mind to these details, especially when you’re already in the furniture shop― ready to splurge on new home decors and make your living room feel like a home furnishing catalogue.

Before you get invested in furniture shopping, make sure that you have successfully surveyed your living room lot area as well as its structure. List down possible furnishing feature that looks best for your living room area. Consult an expert if you’re not confident with your decision,  or ask a friend who has more knowledge in this aspect or do your own research online.

For instance, divide up your living room by setting up a pair of same-size couches and a coffee table in between if your living room area is a long and narrow one. If you have a tiny living room, you can use an ottoman instead of a coffee table to maximize the small space you have. Make sure to make the most out of the oddly shaped square footage for a better traffic around the room.

  1. Improper Proportion and Scaling

One common misconception when it comes to interior designing is to have a bigger space in order for one to have a better home experience.

Many people have only limited ideas how to pull everything together in their home, and the usual result is having a cramped living room filled with furnishing features that do not accentuate the atmosphere and the structure of the whole area.

In interior designing, scale and proportion play important roles that can help you get the look you’ve always wanted for your living room. With the proper utilisation of these aspects, you can decorate and alter the ambience of your house even when you own a very small space.

Essentially, this technique boils down to the way in which components in the living room area relate to one another. The secret is a collection of items that vary in shape, size, and texture to keep the ambience aesthetically appealing, yet still looks cohesive and makes the area feel fresh and inviting.

In order to achieve this, most interior designers adopt the 2:3 golden rule which suggests furniture arrangements should be kept to this ratio to make the area feel properly unified.

  1. Lack of Proper Lighting System

Do you want to know another secret? 

Having a proper lighting system in place is one of the essential elements in setting the right mood and ambience of your living room.

It is imperative when redesigning your living room to understand the lighting needs that will best serve the activities you’ll perform in the living area. Gaining more control over lighting allows you to properly engage in work tasks, pastimes, and have a healthy family connection.

For example, if the area is for entertainment or cinema, make sure to choose softer lighting fixtures, with a dimmer controller so that you can turn the brightness up and down as needed. While if the area is for reading or studying purposes, strategically set up a brighter lighting fixture to provide you with a brighter light that you need.

Proper lighting in the living room accentuates the atmosphere as well as the furnishing feature and other home decors of your living area. Making sure that your living room does not rely solely on a single light source is the first step to know that you’re on the right track of giving your living area a noticeable pleasant vibe as it intensifies the colours, textures and comfort offered by your home.


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