The Best Overall Mattresses for Side Sleepers to Buy Online

According to sleep experts, side sleeping is the healthiest and most common sleep position. One of the reasons why this sleeping posture is healthy is that it aligns your spine, pelvis, and shoulders.

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Spinal alignment goes a long way in minimizing pressure points in various sensitive areas of your body including the neck and lower back. Investing in the best mattress for side sleeping is the best way to reap the most out of the health benefits of side sleeping. Many mattress companies put side sleepers in mind and develop products that are best suited to their sleeping needs.

Let’s have a look at The Best Mattress store in Ottawa for Side Sleepers to Buy Online.

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  1.     Purple Mattress

Purple is best known as the royalty color, and the Purple Mattress happens to stick to its moniker. Purple Mattress emphasizes spinal alignment for calming side sleeping. It brings with it Smart Comfort Grids, which react in line with the pressure of your body to achieve a customized firmness. This mattress is designed to keep your spines neutral all night long. It can as well work for backpackers to boost the natural curvature of their spine. And for those who share a bed, this mattress integrates a unique technology that separates the movements of your partner to prevent the likelihood of dreaded wake-ups.

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  1.     Amalfi Super Pillowtop Firm Queen Mattress Set

The Amalfi Super Pillowtop Firm Queen Mattress Set incorporates up to five layers of foam. The topmost layer is one-inch thick and sits on top of a latex foam layer. A visco elastic memory foam layer occurs beneath the latex layer. A high resiliency foam layer follows it. The support foam layer is the last one. The FIo Foam layer and other layers directly beneath it make this mattress soft, which is what side-sleepers want. Also, this mattress is amazing as far as support is concerned. The support foam layer keeps your spine properly aligned whenever you sleep.

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  1.     The SERTA Sorrento Super Pillow Top Plush

The SERTA Sorrento Super Pillow Top Plush mattress is an affordably priced option for side sleepers, giving more support for less. Not only is it certified for durability and performance, but it provides the right amount of support that lets you sleep soundly without having to trigger the pressure points. Many customers who have used this mattress have praised its optimum level of support.

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  1.     The Queen Size Supreme Comfort Pillowtop

The Queen Size Supreme Comfort Pillowtop is the absolute best option for side sleepers who experience such challenges as frequent awakenings, disgruntled bed partners, and sweat-soaked nightclothes. This mattress can breathe to allow for a refreshing side sleeping. The mattress includes the Flex-Support that offers an ingenious combination of pressure-relieving memory foam and the cheerfulness of a regular box spring mattress. It provides a hearty blend of support and comfort necessary for side sleepers. What’s more, the box turns into a mini-castle when unpacked— a bonus for your kids.

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Investing in a high-quality mattress for side sleepers allows you to make the most out of your side sleeping posture. Proper alignment of your spine is of utmost importance when sleeping. When combined with the proper mattress, side sleeping offers great lots of health benefits including reduction in snoring, easing of digestion, alleviation of acid influx and heartburn, and improved circulation among others.


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