4 design ideas for an ultra-modern kitchen

Thinking it’s time to change your kitchen? Given you spend so much time in this room, it’s definitely worth experimenting with a new look if the space isn’t bringing you joy anymore. However, if it has been a while since you updated your kitchen, don’t stick to the same tried-and-tested features that worked all those years ago – they could be incredibly dated now. 

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Here are four ways you can create an ultra-modern kitchen you’ll be proud of:

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1. Broken plan living

Rather than open plan living which removes all barriers to create a free-flowing space, broken plan living is a slight twist on the idea that many people find far more practical. Here, you create different zones within the kitchen so there is some distinction between different areas but the space itself still feels very open. As well as offering a touch more privacy compared to an open plan style, the design features used in broken plan living can make the room feel much more cosy and welcoming.

An island can be a useful tool in creating a broken plan kitchen. As professional kitchen designers Harvey Jones highlight, “an island could serve as somewhere to cook for your family, work remotely, or socialise with friends,” so you could design the space around it accordingly. 

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For example, adding shelving nearby for books and stationery immediately helps turn the area into a workspace, while features like a wine fridge or a funky pendant light fixture will make it look and feel more sociable.

2. Wooden resurgence

Homeowners have turned away from wood in recent years to experiment with other materials, but classic wooden cabinets are now back in vogue. As well as being durable and easy to clean, wooden cabinets are also more sustainable compared to alternatives like laminate or particle board. Alder, cherry, oak, maple, hickory, and birch wood cabinets are most common, and this blog offers good side-by-side comparisons to help you choose which is best for you. 

Although wood is a key part of a modern kitchen, you don’t need to stick to this material exclusively. Pairing a wooden cabinet with a marble or graphite worktop, for example, will give you an attention-grabbing look.

3. Warm earth tones

Bright, bold colours have been popular choices for modern kitchens in recent years, as have cool greys and crisp whites. Now, homeowners are turning towards warm neutrals. “While timeless whites are certainly still in, neutral kitchens will be leaning a little warmer this year, with warmer beiges and wood tones favoured,” explains a Homes & Gardens journalist Chiana Dickson. This will especially appeal if you see your kitchen as a social space as warm hues like beiges, browns, autumnal reds and blush pinks immediately evoke calmness, cosiness and relaxation.

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4. Mirrored elements

Mirrored elements add a touch of glamour to your kitchen and will reflect light to create the illusion of more space and adding brightness. If your kitchen backs out onto your garden, using mirrors to reflect the outdoors is a great way to bring a sense of the outside in and open up the space.

There are many ways to incorporate mirrors. For instance, you could choose mirrored splashbacks or have a panel behind your sink, or choose mirrored panels on your cabinet rather than glass (which also means you don’t need to worry about keeping everything inside the cupboards neat and tidy). If you’d prefer more subtle mirrored elements, choose reflective lighting fixtures and other smaller decorative features.


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