5 Benefits of Having a Green Roof

If you need to replace the roof on your home, you might consider options like asphalt, metal, slate, or tile. Those are just a few of the roofing system types you can get. You’ll want to steer clear of any roofing product that contains asbestos that can cause pleural mesothelioma.

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Consider putting a green roof on your shortlist when exploring your roofing system options. It’s a sustainable and eco-friendly roofing option. It’s worth giving careful consideration.

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A green roof refers to a roof on a home that is covered — either partially or fully — with vegetation. You can include grass, gardens, shrubs, and even trees. A waterproof membrane is placed on the roof to support the vegetation that is planted on it.

If you live in an area where you either don’t have space for a garden or want more green space, consider a green roof. Of course, not all roof types are suitable for one. So, you’ll want to consult with a roofing company to see whether or not a green roof, also called a living roof, is an option.

Keep reading to learn about five benefits you’ll get if your next roof is a green roof.

1. Increases Biodiversity

One benefit of getting a green roof is that you can increase biodiversity in your community. For one thing, it’s a good idea to include vegetation that is native to your region. You’ll provide a suitable habitat for birds, insects, butterflies, and other creatures just by having a green roof.

2. Extends Life of Roof

Depending on the type of roofing system you buy, you can expect it to last decades. It’s not uncommon to pay a five-figure price tag to get a new roof for your home. If you’re going to spend an arm and a leg, you’ll at least want to ensure that it lasts a long time. One of the benefits of a green roof is that it will extend the longevity and lifecycle of your roof. A green roof will safeguard the roofing system from external factors like rain, sun, and temperature changes. So, you’ll be able to get more use out of the investment in a roofing system.

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3. Increases Home Value

Yet another way a green roof will benefit you is by increasing the value of your home. In addition to boosting the usable square footage of your property, a green roof will also lessen energy expenses and extend the lifecycle of your roofing system. These benefits will add up to increase the desirability and valuation of your residence. It’s the sort of thing that can also boost foot traffic to your home if you ever decide to sell it and move elsewhere.

4. Lessens Noise Pollution

Getting a green roof will also help to keep out noise pollution. It will serve as a sound barrier so that you have greater peace of mind whether you’re inside your home or outside your home. If you live in a crowded city with plenty of noise sources, a green roof can be a godsend.

5. Provides Protective Layer to Help Prevent Fires 

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Considering that there are an average of 343,100 home structure fires annually, you’ll want to do whatever you can to prevent becoming another statistic. One way you can reduce your risks is by getting a green roof. Because plants contain plenty of moisture, your green roof can be part of your plan to protect your home from fires that can ruin property and endanger lives.


These are some of the reasons why a green roof is a good idea for your home. It’s not an option that’s suitable for all roof types. But it won’t hurt to explore the possibility. When you consider the costs and the benefits, you’ll likely get an ROI for a green roof project. It can be part of your plan to be a better steward of the environment — even as you save on utility bills.


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