4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures come in various styles and sizes, so you will find several that are suitable. However, some are more ideal for your shower than others. As you check out these walk-in shower enclosures, you need to consider several things to ensure that you make the right choice. 

The space you can spare for the shower enclosure

When buying a shower enclosure, you need to consider the size of your bathroom. What size of shower enclosure will still leave you with enough room to comfortably move around? While it is important to choose a shower enclosure that suits your style, the shower enclosure also has to be practical. 

The size of your bathroom will greatly influence the shower enclosure you buy. Undoubtedly, you have greater flexibility when choosing an enclosure for a large bathroom. However, you can also maximize the space in a small bathroom by looking at different possibilities of the various shower enclosures in the market. 

As you consider the space available, it is also important to look at the shower enclosure’s best location. You may not have much choice when fitting a shower cubicle in an existing bathroom. However, if you are designing a bathroom for your home, you need to ensure the shower enclosure does not interfere with your access to the rest of the room. 

Maximize the use of the space you have available by choosing a shape that will make your bathroom functional and attractive. When shopping for an enclosure, you will discover square, rectangular, curved, and quadrant enclosures. The curved and quadrant enclosures are usually excellent for small spaces. 

What is your budget?

Before going out to buy a shower enclosure, you need to have an idea of the cost, and what influences the price of the different types of enclosure. This will help you to come up with a budget and narrow your search to affordable shower enclosures. 

Several factors influence the shower enclosure price, including the glass thickness, the type of glass, and the size of the cubicle. The price of some of the shower enclosures in the market can be prohibitive. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged.

Explore the various stores selling shower enclosures to compare prices. You might discover one offering discounted rates. Some stores also offer a payment plan, so you might find one that will allow you to take the type of shower enclosure you like irrespective of the asking price, especially if the payment structure is reasonable. 

The design of the shower enclosure

While your bathroom will influence the size and style of the shower enclosure you choose, you may encounter different designs that will work for your home. Shower cubicles can improve your home’s value, so you need to pick a design that will make your bathroom attractive.

Is the shower enclosure for the master bath, or are you purchasing one for the shared bathroom? There are different types of shower enclosure doors. Some can withstand frequent opening and closing and are suitable for homes where shared bathroom facilities are used frequently. You should pick a design that will last, depending on usage. 

Some designs are also more stylish than others. For example, walk-in shower enclosures create an ultra-modern look. However, this design will look great if you have a spacious showering area. The shower enclosure you choose should also fit the style you have opted for your bathroom. Whether you have a contemporary, minimalist, classic, or vintage bathroom, you’ll find the right shower cubicle to compliment the room. 

The type of glass 

Most, if not all, shower cubicles are made of toughened glass. The thickness of the glass varies. Thicker glass is more durable and costly. Frameless shower enclosures often have very thick glass enclosures because they have greater structural integrity. 

Most shower enclosures have a thickness of between 4mm and 8mm. The 4mm shower enclosure is affordable but is not as sturdy as the 6mm and 8mm enclosures. So, it is important to see the relationship between the cost of the cubicle, against the durability of the glass. 

Additionally, some glass enclosures are easier to clean. This usually depends on the manufacturer and the features added to keep limescale, streaks, stains, oil, and dirt from ruining the shower cubicle’s appearance. This helps the enclosure to look new for longer. 

Shopping for a shower enclosure involves more than just picking the one you like based on looks alone. The choice also needs to be practical, not just based on where it will be placed but also on the number of people most likely to use the shower. Knowing what to look for in a shower enclosure will help you to narrow your search for a new one that will meet the needs of your family.


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