Change Your Air Filters When You See These Signs

Most people forget about their HVAC air filters until it’s too late. Air purifier filters are by far the most important aspect of ensuring the highest quality indoor air. Unclean or clogged air filters can cause numerous health problems, including allergies. According to CNN, air pollution results in the death of one in nine people.

Most people don’t understand how to determine if it’s time for filter change. This causes them to wait until they see actual black dust blowing from the vents, which is a few months too late. These are a few signs that mean it’s time to change your air purifier filters:

White Sheet Test  

A great way to identify whether your filters need changing is by hanging a white sheet in front of one of the vents. Place it a few inches away from the vent and leave it up for at least an hour. Change the settings to blow maximum air in the meantime, if you can. If the white sheet turns gray, black or has spots, it is time to change the air filters.

Spike in Electricity Bill

Another sign your air purifier filters need replacing is if there is a sudden inexplicable spike in your power or electricity bills. Air filters are one of the major factors in energy efficiency. Your HVAC system is required to force air through the air vents, which takes more power, when your air filters are clogged.

Allergies or Breathing Problems

Allergies and breathing problems are usually because of clogged air filters. A sudden increase in respiratory illnesses and allergies could indicate that it’s time to change the air filters. Sometimes, the air filters can get so choked that they are unable to remove irritating and aggravating particulates from the air. Air quality tends to deteriorate as well because of clogged filters reducing airflow. 

Pet Dander 

If you have pets and see pet dander on your furniture, clothes, and surfaces, it could be a major sign that you need to replace the air purifier filters. People that have shaggy dogs or cats are recommended to change their filters once every month. Pet dander is known to be air borne and circulate throughout the ventilation system. This can lead to respiratory problems and allergies, typical to household dust.

Eye Test  

An easy way to identify whether air filters are clogged is by inspecting them. You need to make sure that you keep your eyes open for dust and dirt. You should also look for signs of damages. You may need to replace the filters if they are damp, damaged, or bent in any way. This can reduce the efficiency of the air filter by a significant amount.

Other Things to Consider

It’s crucial to understand that filters that are operating at high efficiency require more frequent changes than others. This is because they trap more particulates and air pollutants as compared to regular filters. You may also need to inspect the filters more frequently and change them as and when the need arises. 


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