4 Reasons to Own a Home Security System

Thanks to today’s modern technology, it has never been easier to install a home security system. A growing number of homeowners have installed such systems over the years. These systems enable smart and safe living, and they are easy to integrate with smartphones as well as other devices and apps. Although home security systems may have steep upfront costs, the costs of not owning one can end up being far greater.

When deciding which specific home security system to purchase, it is always helpful to do ample research. Websites like DD Counter Measures offer unbiased reviews and helpful articles and tips on all things homeowners care about – from surveillance to home water heaters.

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Curious if a home security system is for you? Read on, and we’ll walk you through the biggest benefits and why you should have one in your residence.

1. Protect Your Family and Home from Intruders

The number one reason to own a home security system is to protect your house and family from burglars and other intruders. Multiple studies have shown that houses without security systems are more likely to be broken into than ones with security systems. This means that by simply owning an alarm, your house is already significantly safer.

Many times, when a burglar enters a house, they do so with the assumption that it is empty. If they should break in and find your family members inside, the burglar may experience shock and respond with aggressive behavior. Having an alarm and cameras set up will give your family time to move to a safe location while also notifying the police.

2. Protect Your Valuables

One break-in happens every 15 seconds in America, and the average homeowner loses around $2,000 per burglary. According to Forbes, people saw over $14 billion in financial losses due to property crimes in 2014 alone.

By having a home security system, your alarm will signal a break-in to local authorities. This helps to increase chances that the burglar will leave before stealing anything. It also increases the odds that they will be apprehended by the police.

Many surveillance systems nowadays also utilize high-quality cameras. Even if the burglar does get away, the police now have more resources to catch the thief and restore your valuables.

3. Watch Over Your House Remotely

The latest home surveillance systems will allow you to stream your security camera footage straight to your smartphone. With this technology, you can watch your home for intruders, check in on the kids or dog, and even keep an eye on any workers that you may be having in your home while you are away.

These smart home automation systems also allow you to arm or disarm your home alarm. They even have other features that allow you to control your household lights, air conditioning, and heating, which can save you big on your energy bill.

Plus, if you install motion sensors, you can set it up so that you get a ping to your phone whenever motion is sensed. And by being able to turn on lights remotely, you can turn your lights on late at night while you are away to give the illusion that someone is home.

4. Protect Your Family and Home from Fires

Many people think of burglaries when they hear “home security system”. However, these systems also provide other functions including smoke detection and fire alert. Unlike a standard smoke alarm that will sound once it detects smoke, these fire alarms will not only sense smoke but will also be able identify sources of extreme heat and also contact the authorities.


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