4 Tips to Rid Your Home of Indoor Pests

Only a few things are worse than creepy crawlies, spreading viruses and bacteria all over the house, living with you and your family. They’re unpleasing to the eyes, they bring health complications, and their bites can be very painful. Hence, here is the article you’ve been praying for, a foolproof guide to get rid of indoor pests.

  1. Make Baits Your Best Friend

Water bugs are bothersome, and these insects are indeed one of nature’s worst creatures. As aforementioned, they are not only disgusting to look at, but they also contaminate your water and food, which makes you at risk of getting sick. As such, it is crucial to get rid of them at once. To do this, make baits your BFF.

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Baits are so effective because they make the insects themselves, including cockroaches and ants, do all the hard work. Once ingested, insects take the bait back to their colonies to share with their family and friends. In the process, they quickly eradicate their kind.

Another plus side to baits is how safe they are. Baits usually come in boxes or closed

containers. Consequently, you do not have to fear harmful chemicals, getting into your food, and utensils. As a precaution, you could also make your bait using non-poisonous and non-toxic ingredients. Try the following homemade bait ideas:

  • Get rid of cockroaches by chopping an onion and combining it with a teaspoon of baking soda and then leaving it in areas prone to infestations.
  • Wave goodbye to rats by mixing flour, sugar or powdered sugar, and baking soda together. Put the ingredients in a jar lid and leave it out for the rats to ingest.
  • Say adios mosquitoes by placing sugar, warm water, room temperature water, and active dry yeast in a plastic soda bottle trap.
  • Spider proof your home with the help of liquid detergent, lemon essential oil, water, and a spray bottle. Combine the ingredients and spray liberally around crevices, spider webs, and other areas where spiders like to lurk.
  • Look forward to a fruit-fly-free home using water, dish soap, and red-wine vinegar. Combine water and dish soap in a bowl. In a smaller bowl, add ¼ cup of red-wine vinegar. Place this smaller bowl inside the bigger container. Ta-da! You will attract and wipe-off fruit flies in no time.
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  1. Use Bug Bombs or Foggers

Bug bombs, or total release foggers, fill an indoor area with chemical pesticides using an aerosol spray. Bug foggers are easy to use, all-purpose extermination instruments. As such, these products are known to be a swift and hassle-free fix for indoor bug infestations.

Bug foggers are especially detrimental for pesky bugs hiding under and on your bed. The airborne chemical insecticide will penetrate every nook and cranny where bed bugs, ticks, lice, and fleas live. Not only that, but pesticides are very useful in getting rid of flies and mosquitoes.

Also, highly effective foggers can prevent flea reinfestation for months on end, as well as inhibit fleas from maturing into their biting adult stage. To ensure you purchase an excellent quality fogger, do your research and look into bed bug fogger reviews.

  1. Call an Exterminator for Really Serious Issues

If it’s severe, then it’s probably not something you can, or you should handle on your own. You should seek help from experts on treatment for bed bugs by Mr Pest Control Some pests, including bed bugs and termites, are strong enemies. Termites will cause severe damage to your house. They are bothersome pests and infamously challenging to get rid of. Meanwhile, bed bugs cause plenty of itching and loss of sleep.

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Hence, these creatures can be tough to manage and get rid of, especially without the proper tools. If you start getting plenty of itchy bites in bed, spot wings or notice termite droppings, then maybe you should go and call a professional. It’s alright to ask for help. It’s okay to lose the battle. What matters is you win the war against these atrocities of nature.

  1. Lastly, Keep the Pests Away

Once you’ve gotten rid of indoor bugs and pests, make sure to keep them away from your home for good. Keep your house, particularly your kitchen, clean.

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  • Clean dirty dishes right away.
  • Pack away or discard pet food.
  • Wipe spills and clean food particles immediately.
  • Empty the trash regularly.
  • Throw away, or better yet, recycle cardboard, boxes, scratch paper, and newspapers so pests won’t have a place to hide in.
  • Always put food in a vacuum-tight or sealed containers. Otherwise, put them in the fridge.
  • Clean out empty bottles and cans.
  • Vacuum your home, especially the kitchen, often.
  • Ensure that the stovetop is clean
  • Sweep the floor before going to bed.

Aside from these, keep your home dry as much as possible. Water draws mosquitoes and cockroaches, making it their best friend. Cockroaches will swim in your sink. Mosquitoes, some carriers of dengue, malaria, and HIV, will gather in puddles of water. So it is best to be vigilant. Regularly wipe spills, fix leaks, and drain the sink.

Lastly, make fixing repairs a priority. Mend or restore holes in the wall, doors, and windows. Holes are entryways for pests to get into your home. Don’t give them easy access to your house. Seal the cracks and crevices on mopboards and pipes. Just do whatever it takes to keep pests away from your home because once they enter, it can be a real pain and a headache to get them to leave.


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