The Best Way to Spray Away the Pesticides!

Most of the time you find yourself in an unpleasant position to remove roaches and other pesticides from your premises. This is not easy since these pests can create a permanent nest in your place that is not easily detectable. Also, no matter how hard you are cleaning they keep finding ways to hide from you and appear out of the blue without even noticing you are there.

Exterminator in work wear spraying pesticide with sprayer.

Modern chemical technology has evolved to such a point that you can easily have a splashing bug spray to remove all remaining pesticides from your house. This is an easy and affordable solution that may be applied to all types of houses. No matter if you live in a concrete-brick house or a log house these formulas apply to any type of surface and can give you thorough results no matter what.

Advantages of using bug sprays

Since there is a lot of discussion about bugs in your house, there has to be a way to remove them all in the shortest possible period of time. The chemical industry has managed to find some sprays that delay the reproduction of roaches and other pesticides until they finally get extinct from your house.

They contain powerful agents that adhere to the digestive system of the pesticides and get absorbed by their cells. Then these agents are binding naturally to the DNA of the cellular nucleus to stop the further division of the cells. This is an important factor since no other roach is going to appear in your house even if it comes from the following generations of the same species.

Sprays are concentrated and easy to use. They also have a regulator to their top handle to allow you to direct the spray towards the pesticide nest. However, the sprayed agent keeps on working for days after you apply it on your floors provided you are not cleaning your floors with other detergents at the same time.

Not to mention, that modern spray agents are gentle with your kids and pets and can ensure that no harmful interaction is going to be applied to them. That fact gives you an extra safety assurance that you always wanted to be apparent in your effort to extinct pesticides from your house.

Why are roaches appear on all houses?

There is no specific answer to this question. Roaches are as old as the men kind is and even older. However, they are not useful for any home function and they could be potential carriers of contagious diseases that may affect your children and your beloved pets as well.

Modern houses are made from a combination of wooden, metal and concrete parts. These materials don’t cooperate well together even if they are connected one each other. With all the movements that your house is undertaking they leave small rooms inside them that are giving roaches and other pesticides the best type of nest.

They are building their nest underneath your floors or inside the brick walls in places where the human hand could never possibly reach. These places are dark and humid and give the perfect protection to them to reproduce freely. Not to mention, that they can find plenty of food in your house since they can easily be fed by the dead cells of your skin that are scattered all over the place on your premises.

That is the reason why roaches and pesticides are residing in your place and give you a headache when they make their appearance suddenly during your dinner or lunchtime. There is no house that can claim to be roach and pesticide-free no matter where on earth it is located. Even Eskimos’ Igloos traditional houses that are made from ice can have pesticides inside, given the fact that roaches can easily withstand a great variety of temperatures.

Bug sprays safety issues

You should always be very careful with the use of bug sprays. They are usually coming in pressurized bottles that are easily handled by adults. That means they are obliged by government authorities to have specially secured lids for children to have limited access to them.

They contain potentially dangerous substances when inhaled and that is why you should keep them away of the reach of your kids under any circumstances. Then it is imperative that you use them on thoroughly cleaned floors that are not mopped at least for 48 hours upon application. The substance from the spray becomes active after it reaches its destination that is the roaches’ body.

There is also the limitation of active fire when you are using these bug sprays. You should always avoid spraying them over an active fire since it may add on to the proliferation of the fire in your room. Sprays usually contain flammable substances that can increase the flames in a room giving you many accidental effects in case of fire.

Finally, you should be aware of your respiratory system when trying to spray this agent over your home intruder pesticides. You should always pay attention to divert the spray from your nose and mouth in order not to inhale the solution. It may cause you respiratory distress that is why it is of crucial importance to open the windows after the initial application of the formula on your floors.


Stick to the right bug sprays and get the advantage of the cleanest house you have ever experienced. Bugs are easily reproduced on your floors when there is no chemical agent that prevents such an activity applied. Most of the time, you will find yourself wondering where the roaches have gone upon several months of the initial bug sprays application.

When used wisely these sprays can give you the ultimate solution for your pesticide issues. You can be reassured that they could easily disappear without affecting your daily life. Your kids and pets are going to be safe upon application and you will never need to worry for roaches and bugs anymore.


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