4 Ways to Succeed with Eclectic Decor in Your Home

Next time you’re redecorating or designing your house, keep the word “eclectic” in mind. It basically means mixing different styles and is the new trend in the interior world. 

The adjective describes how you mix different styles, textures, colours, trends, and most importantly time periods in your decor. When decorating eclectically, everything fits in if you put them together in a conscious way. 

What’s great about this way of decorating is that it can turn out to be feminine, masculine, snug, cool, minimalistic, or lush – depending on your personal style. All in all, eclectic decor makes it easy to feel at home and comfortable.

1. Mix Old and New

A big part of the eclectic way of decorating is finding both new and modern pieces and pair them with older ones. Maybe you have inherited some furniture from your family or taken some with you from your childhood home that holds sentimental value? These can very successfully be included in a house or an apartment with a modern vibe to it. 

Look for timeless pieces at flea markets or auctions, garage sales, or vintage shops and find hidden treasures that will make the whole room. 

2. Use New Technology 

The cool thing about eclectic decor is that you can include modern technology in your home and balance them out with some antique furniture to create that perfect harmony. 

There is a lot of new and practical technology that can help you make everyday life easier. The most important thing in a home is to feel secure, and modern technology can strengthen that feeling. 

Small details like the right door handles have a great impact on the esthetics of a room, but also on your safety. For example, use home security solutions like door handles with a code lock to keep your belongings safe or to keep people out of certain rooms. Their modern appearance is a great addition to the interior. 

3. Mix Textures and Colours

Experiment with colours, textures, and shapes and focus on details. Small items can make a big difference and determine if the room turns out messy or harmonic. 

Pieces like carpets are a great way to bring the room together and Persian carpets with colourful patterns can be a great alternative, although monochrome carpets might be better if you have a lot of colourful furniture.

Curtains are also a good tip. Invest in some nice, long curtains that will extend the hight of the ceiling.   

4. Give New Life to Old Items

Old sofas and chairs can be reupholstered to better fit the rest of the interior or if they are too worn down to reuse. Use pillows and blankets to give the sofa or chair even more life. 

Another great tip is to use old cabinets and dressers and find new, more modern knobs for them to combine the two styles – classic and modern. You can also combine an old, antique dining table with modern and minimalistic chairs. 

Bring the room together with paintings or other kinds of art. Both modern and classical art are welcome and can be hung side by side to really accentuate the contrasts. 

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