Here’s How You Can Bring Nature into Your Home

“With all the tech and screen time, the environment [issues] and political landscape, I get a sense from talking with the designers and homeowners that people are really looking for their homes to be these kind of calm, quieting, soothing spaces where they can unplug and recharge,” editor Mitchell Parker told the Los Angeles Times. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for relaxing interiors has reached new heights, with many apartment owners across the globe unable to access parks and relying purely on the greenery inside their homes to uplift their spirits. Whether you have a large Texas-style home or you live in a small studio apartment in New York, these are just a few ways that you can live a greener, more tranquil life. 

Rise of the Living Wall

Pothos vines, small perennial shrubs, and succulents grow well indoors and they can all form part of a vertical or living wall. You can either use perennials or change bedding seasonally. Whichever form of planting you chose, try to include an array of colors and textures. One thing plants should have in common is the ability to withstand regular pruning. To install a wall yourself, you will need living wall panels or modules cut to the right size for your available space, as well as wood screws, cable ties, peat-free compost, and a drip irrigation system. The latter can be connected from tray to tray then attached to your main water supply. 

Potted Plant Frenzy

Turn your indoor living space into a veritable jungle with a host of indoor plants at various heights. Some plants can be placed in antique pots and placed on couch-level stools, while others can hang from sloping ceilings with wooden beams. This hanging look is particularly suited to the spacious family homes found in southern cities like Austin and Nashville, says design experts at Austin Custom Home Builders. In cities with a more modern, loft-like vibe such as New Jersey or New York, ceilings are usually flatter, but the same effect can be achieved through the choice of multi-level furniture pieces that can form a good base for your collection of plants and vines.

A Touch of Green

If you favor minimalist home design, you can still enjoy a splash of green. Think of the perfect spot to add a bit of eye candy for the soul. Spots such as a corner window, antique console or stone pedestal by a window are perfect for an extra-large designer pot fitted with an artistic plant. Think an elephant ear, large bonsai, or single mini palm. Green works particularly well in a home with neutral tones such as white, grey, or black.

Plants have been found in study after study to reduce stress and boost productivity. They can cheer up any home – whether traditional or über-modern.  There are many ways you can incorporate plants into your current design. From designing a busy indoor jungle to opting for just one signature piece, you can bring inspirations from the Great Outdoors into the place you and your loved ones call home.


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