5 design hacks you should put to use in your home

When designing your home, depending on budget, resources and space, you may want to utilise some inventive design hacks.

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Whether that’s finding different ways to incorporate mood lighting, mixing old and new together to create a unique look or optimising space through mirrors; there are many ways to do this to suit your home and personal taste. 

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Mood lighting

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Making sure a home is welcoming to guests, a place to relax and entertain, is important to many people. Mood lighting can be a wonderful place to start with this. When designing each room, lighting can often make or break it, lighting colour, brightness and positioning can make a huge difference to the look and feel. To make a room look bigger, make use of the vertical space, by adding long hanging lights to make a room seem higher and more airy. This may sound fairly obvious, however sometimes just making the most of natural lighting can go a long way. Make sure there are few obstructions by windows to ensure the light is being let in. Another way to perfect the lighting is to:

  • Add dimmers
  • Provide contrast between dark features and white lighting
  • Be bold 

Beautifully botanical 

Adding plants into the design of a home adds so much life and character. Wellness has been on people’s radar a lot more recently and by simply adding greenery into a home’s design offers many benefits. With so many different plant varieties such as vines, paddle plants and peace lilies, there is an option for every room and style. Plants come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what size a room is, greenery can be added. Even the smallest of rooms have space, try adding hanging or trailing plants to brighten up the area. 

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Mix old and new together 

Mixing contemporary and antique pieces together in a home can create a very cool and vintage look. If this look is of interest, then this simple hack may be the way to go. Combining both new and old together, whether that be furniture, accessories or wall art, can create a unique looking home, making for a great talking point with any guest. There’s something magical about a room full of nostalgia, maybe it’s a grandparent’s old coffee table or an ornament found in an antique shop. Combining these elements with a modern look in the right way will provide balance and show character. 

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Add texture 

Another design hack involves adding texture. This may seem a bit out there for some, but when done stylishly, it can add a beautiful finish to any room. Adding layers with different textures can be a great place to start. Texture doesn’t have to solely include fabrics or furniture, it could also be the contrast in a fluffy rug beside a glossy worktop or a textured ornament on a rustic floor. Textures don’t always have to be instantly obvious to the eye, it could be the feel of furniture where texture comes into play. 

Make a room look bigger with mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic design hack to make use of small space and instantly make a room look bigger and brighter. The larger the mirror, the more of an illusion it gives off to enhance room size. Combining a mirror with a light source adds another dimension and boosts brightness, providing a serene atmosphere. 

With these handy design hacks, your home will be looking as stylish as ever in no time. Whether on a budget or not, incorporating these tips into different rooms will add character and your own unique touch. 


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