5 Design Ideas to Decorate Your Home for Spring

Longer days of spring begin their rights slowly. Along with springtime, we often feel the need to change something in our house. Spring is the season of rebirth of nature and it’s such a great time to make a general cleaning of your house and to redecorate it in order to give it a sense of freshness and optimism. You can change your home  interior design appearance in keeping with spring season without investing too much money. It’s extraordinary how with some small changes that you can personally put in practice, you can have remarkable effects. Here are 5 design ideas to decorate your home for spring and to create that fresh and airy atmosphere of spring.
1. Fabrics give life to a room through color and finish, from curtains, bedding, decorative pillows and ending with various accessories for chairs or mats with different shapes and patterns. Basically, fabrics are those that allow you to play with shades and colors to change the picture house in one day. Choose curtains and draperies in vivid colors, with various floral prints. You can opt for a combination of colors for a cheerful arrangement. If you use your creativity, you can turn for example an ordinary bed into a point of interest, simply changing underwear in another color or another print.
Design: Martha Stewart
Design: decordemon

2. Make a statement with bright colors that suggest the idea of nature in spring: green, pink, sky-blue, lavender. They will give your home an airy and fresh atmosphere which will create a sense of optimism and energy.

3. Flowers are a symbol of spring season and are among the season’s most powerful and poetic signs of rebirth. Bring their gentle presence into your home. Freshen your space with cherry blossoms on a pot or vase. Leave no corner of the house without a decorative pot or vase. Liven up those ordinary ones with colorful stripes for example.

 4. Celebrate spring by bringing some greenery indoors.  Embellishing pillar candles with blades of grass highlights a plant that’s rarely appreciated up close.

Design: Martha Stewart.

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