8 Modern Clear Glass Bathtubs

Bathroom is where relaxation and maintenance matters most, that why in fitting bathrooms designers provide carefully shapes and colors. For a unique and original appearance, bathroom requires attention to detail and modern finishes like a brand new boiler installation. Bathtub is still considered the main element of this space. In recent years, designers have came up with new proposals which replaces traditional cast iron tub with clear glass bathtubs made of modern materials. Made of polyester resins, acrylic resins and additives in modern bathrooms sanitary get more color, especially transparency. These 8 Modern Clear Glass Bathtubs that we gathered for you reflect a minimalist attention but a detail oriented one. They are designed in such a way to give you the best bathing experience. Such a choice reveals the attention and creativity of the owners. If you choose all bathroom refurbishment with such great glass bathtub, try also to find decor elements in keeping with sanitary . Transparent glass bathtubs are perfect integrated in modern bathroom spaces.

Design: prizmastudio

Design: Novellini

Design: Regia

Design: Spa@Home

Design: Omvivo

Design: Hoesch

Design: Plavisdesign

Design: Korra

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