Small 450 Square Feet Apartment Design in Hong Kong

This time we’re presenting a small 450 square feet apartment located in Central Hong Kong, in an old tong lau building, which includes small spaces like this one designed for commercial and residential purposes. Tastefully and smartly designed by Urban: Design & Build , the small apartment design is clean, minimalist and displays an harmonious and cozy color blend which makes it welcoming and airy. Although it has a tiny surface, the apartment is very stylish and reveals a good space distribution.


The open plan layout is enhanced by a creative placement  of furniture pieces that emphasize comfort and functionality, and make the most out of the apartment’s limited square footage. The living room, bedroom and the office are practically in the same area, only the bedroom and living room are separated by a freestanding floor-to-ceiling shelving placed between a sofa and a bed. The interior is sprinkled with dark tones of color, creating a nice strong contrast which give a balance to the entire décor that pays tribute to modern design.

A great option in addition to a TV set is a projector that here descends from the ceiling when you want to enjoy home cinema experience. A decent open kitchen where the owner can enjoy cooking and dinner shares the same space with the hall and a huge wardrobe integrated in the wall. Here are some inspiring pictures, enjoy!

Floor-to-ceiling- shelving



Wall-and-huge- wardrobe


Photos © Urban Design & Build Ltd.


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