Creative and Unconventional Way to Display Your Plants by YOY Design

With the aim to create a new story between objects and space, spatial designer Naoki Ono and product designer Yuki Yamamoto from Tokyo based design studio YOY Design envisioned a creative flower pot that was presented at Milan’s Design Week 2013 among other interesting items. “Book” is a great alternative to standard flowerpots you already know and use, that’s not only a space-saver, but also has an aesthetic value thanks to its unconventional design for such purposes.

As its name suggests, “Book”, the item has the shape of a book with an expresive title “The Life of Plants”, without being a book in the true sense as you might believe at first sight, but a stylish flower pot to cultivate and display your beautiful flowers and plants. Made of PMMA and PVC for waterproofing, the minimalist and elegant cover pages can be opened, allowing you to see the soil inside and make it stands stably. Creating the illusion of a book, it can be easily integrated among other real books on your bookcase or used isolatedly on your table.




Photos © Yasuko Furukawa


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