Cool Optical Illusion – Colorful Glass Tables by Sebastian Scherer

Simple, yet ingenious, that’s how can be describe in few words the following concept of German designer Sebastian Scherer, which impresses through color, surprise and clarity. He designed a unique series of coffee tables called Isom combining glass, geometric lines and amazing optical illusion that will simply inspire you with its dazzling presence. 10mm sheets of strong coloured glass are interestingly glued together with UV adhesive, resulting hexagon-shaped tops that lay on three vertical rectangles appearing to form rhombuses when looking down at them because of the edges of the base pieces.


Various depths of color  are reflected on the cut surfaces because of the layering effect of the glass, evoking the illusion of isometric cubes if you look from certain angles. It allows the light to pass through the material, unobstructed and unobscured, creating this beautiful effect of “transparency”. Very modern looking thanks to this geometric design and the choice of color hue, the coffee tables are design objects and pieces of art at the same time. They are charming, simple and elegant. They can be used on their own or in group mixing the colors up for that cool optical illusions they create. Isom is available in blue, green, grey, and bronze glass, in two sizes, 60 cm in diameter, 25 cm high, and 120 cm in diameter, 35 cm high.




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