Fascinating Details and Hidden Beauty Revealed by Paul Foeckler’s Fine Art Wood Sculpture

In this post we’re presenting you a lamp design that goes beyond form and functionality. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind fine art sculpture handmade from a single piece of cypress wood of California by Los Angeles-based designer Paul Foeckler. This gorgeous illuminated sculpture ranks high in originality and is a very dramatic work in his great collection entitled Split Grain, which contains amazing  pieces with intriguing forms showcasing the unique patterns, characteristics and contours of California Coastal Monterey Cypress.


Striking simplicity, raw lines, authentic texture of the wood, this minimalist work plays ingeniously with the material, precision, color, shape and light. It illuminated contours make it interesting to observe in detail. Nothing is left to chance. More than 80 hours it took the designer to accomplish the light sculpture, each piece being carefully hand selected, cut and divided to get a particular shape. Paul Foeckler was not afraid to experiment with the most intriguing ones, with the aim to design fascinating and artistic lamp design.

Finished with 3 layers of UV protecting clear urethane, the wood slices are drilled and are placed around a glass core and a rubber grommet that holds them around the glass. A white LED (3000k) disperses a warm light that follows the outline of the wood capturing wonderful patterns from all angles. The minimalist sculpture features also 3 meter black cloth cord from Germany with a Leviton switch 14”. The bottom has attached to it a felt base for a scratch-free surface in order to complete the item. Great design; we think  it goes amazingly in both modern and rustic settings, what do you think? Share your ideas with us in our comment section bellow.




Photos © Paul Foeckler

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