Comfort and Privacy with Abri-Boca Living Pod

Abri-Boca is the latest project of the young German industrial designer Philipp Süssmann showcased at Milan Design Week 2013, an original looking living pod characterized by adaptability and clever design. Combining knowledge of society, living space and nature, the Abri-Boca concept reflects the idea of flexibility in a continuously changing society and the idea of protection, which is the actual meaning of transformation in nature.

The unique shape of the furniture item and it’s pivoting mechanism caught our attention and we couldn’t help ourselves from sharing with you guys. Dedicated to relaxation, at a blink of an eye Abri-Boca can transform itself from an open state into more intimate and enclosed ones allowing users to rest as they were in an armchair or in a bed. Interesting to observe from every stand point, when looking at it in its open state,  the  minimalist design it has doesn’t betray at all the fact that what initially appears to be an unusual armchair, it becomes a cocoon-like place, creating a protective canopy over the owner. A comfortable mattress unfolds forming a larger resting area, whilst the curved wood components kept together when it’s in the open state, now reveals to create a beautiful wooden shell via a mobile module for more privacy and tranquility.






Photos © Philipp Süssmann


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